Personalised Laptop Case from Caseable

We all have those things that we take everywhere with us – for us ladies, it’s usually our handbags (laden down with all the ‘essentials’ we need for everyday life) and for men, I’d would guess it would be your wallet.  For both sexes, I guess our phones also go with us wherever we go too – if you’re anything like me, you will feel naked and lost without your phone to hand; my whole life is stored on mine!

But, as well as my handbag and my phone, the other item that travels almost everywhere with me is my laptop.  It follows me from mums, to work, to K’s house, to friends and everywhere in between.  If you see me, my laptop normally isn’t too far away.

I have to say, I do love my laptop.  It’s an old Mac, about 7-years old in fact, and starting to get a little tired.  The memory isn’t what it used to be (even though I’ve cleared it out), it’s had to have a new battery recently, and the ‘a’ button only works when it wants to.  But, I still love it.  It was on that laptop I first set up my blog and it’s on that little machine that I tap away at the keys on a daily basis writing new posts.

So, when the people from Caseable contacted me the other week asking if I would like a personalised laptop case, I was VERY excited.  A lovely new, personalised laptop case for my lovely little laptop of love?  Yes, this was a product I was very excited to receive.

The first thing I will say about Caseable is that their customer service is astonishing.  Tweets and emails were replied to almost instantly (pretty impressive when you consider they’re based in Brooklyn, New York so there’s a time difference!)  Their emails were friendly yet professional and their Twitter account is run in much the same way.  They also make sure all their products are 100% perfect – they had two attempts at making my laptop case as they weren’t totally happy with the first one so wouldn’t allow it to leave their premises.  I do like companies that take pride in their products.

So, how does the process work?  Well, you go onto their website, choose the type of product you want and the size of it, select your base colours, upload your image and add any text you want.  This gives you the freedom to make the laptop case look exactly the way you want it to; then you submit it to their website and they make it for you.  It really is as simple as that!  (All their products are handmade too, so fab quality).

As they were producing this item for me, they sent me a proof image to check it was ok before they started working on it:

 (Yes, I chose an image of my cats – what else did you expect?)

Once I saw this image I was BEYOND excited.  They’d even put my blog logo in the top corner as well, which made it feel even more special!

Throughout the case’s journey from America to my front door, I was kept updated by email and on the day of the delivery I received an email and text telling me when it would be arriving and then a further text to say it had been delivered and where it was.  Again, amazing customer service.

As soon as I got home, I ripped open the packaging (I bloomin’ love a parcel, I do) and there inside was my laptop case and – I have to say – it looks even better in real life than in the proof image they sent me!

I love it!

I did show it to the cats but they weren’t particularly interested, however, my parents have both seen it and think it’s great.

The print is repeated on the other side so is always visible, and they have used a white zip which, I think, ties in really well with the colours in the picture.  My laptop fits nicely inside and the material isn’t rigid which means that I can put some paperwork in there at the same time, which saves me having to carry it around separately.

For a 15″ laptop case with image and text like this, it costs £59.90.  You can add a handle to it for free, or add a strap to make it easier to carry around for £7.90.  P&P is free and delivery can take anything from 5-14 days.

I have to say, I’m really proud of my laptop case and was proudly strutting around with it under my arm the other day.  I’m not sure if anybody was looking at it, but I like to think they were and that they were feeling incredibly envious, hehe!

Caseable also personalise cases for mobile phones, kindles, e-readers, iPads, tablets and there is an option on their website to make a personalised diary too, so I definitely recommend checking them out, whether it is for a gift for someone else or as a little treat to yourself (go on, you deserve it!)

LilliesandLove xx
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Simple Things Please Simple Minds – Getting Green Fingered

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard K say this to me SO many times, but, to be honest, I don’t think it’s a bad thing!  I like to find joy in the simple things in life, there’s so many parts of our every days which can be amazing and should never be taken for granted.

K hasn’t been saying this to me purely because he’s now hit the big 3-0 and suddenly become (old and) wise, no, he’s been saying it because he brought something home the other week that he thought was boring, absolutely nothing to be excited about, and I basically squealed my head off like somebody had trod on my tail (if I had one).

He brought home a crate.

I had said to him that I wanted to start growing our own vegetables as we get through so many of them, it seemed like the sensible thing to do, plus I think it’s a great little past time to have.  He saw this crate in the rubbish where he works so snaffled it and brought it home, little expecting that I would more or less rip it out of his arms and shower more love on it than he’s had in the entirety of our relationship.

As you can imagine, when he first brought it home, it was a bit beaten and battered, so I set about it with cleaning tools and sandpaper.


Then I dragged him to B&Q and bought some shed paint – he had some brown paint already but I had my heart set on painting it a mint green colour, so off to B&Q we toddled.  The paint was shockingly expensive – just short of £15 – but we grabbed it and set off home so I could start my work.  The first coat didn’t quite give the density of colour I wanted, so I went over it a second time and the colour was PERFECT!

Gorgeous isn’t it!!

After finishing this one I said I thought a second one would be good as it looked a bit lonesome in the garden on it’s own.  He said he didn’t think he’d see another one in the rubbish so I gave up on that idea, until a week later when he walked up the side path with this bad boy:

It was huge, so he set to it with a saw and made it into two different sized crates by screwing the lid on to the base of the smaller one (he really is a diamond!)  Within 10-minutes, I’d whipped out the paint and set to work, and now we have these three beauties sitting on the patio:

I know I’m biased and it’s not good to blow your own trumpet, but I think they look amazing!

So far, we’re cultivating a crop of lettuce, carrots and courgettes in the painted crates and there are potatoes growing in the two brown tubs next to them.


We’re also growing chilli, tomatoes and basil in little individual pots elsewhere, and I’m cultivating a spring onion in a wine bottle top in the kitchen!

As well as the little tubs, I also took it upon myself to help K out as he’s always doing so much for me, by painting his shed while he was out with his friends on Sunday.  It was a really warm and sunny day which I guess made the job much nicer to do but I have to say, I really did find it enjoyable and was wondering whether he’d be offended if I painted his fences while he was out too, haha!

It’s only a small job and not exactly difficult, but when I don’t have any other way to show him I care, painting a shed seemed like the next best thing!

I’ll blog in the next few days telling you all about his birthday surprises when I did treat him… hmm… birthday surprises AND a painted shed?  I best stop this, he might get used to it!

LilliesandLove xx



Debenhams Flower & Gift Delivery Service – I ♥ You (Discount Code Included!)

Last night I posted something on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook and I wanted to share it here as well:

“Blogging is a strange thing – although I never stop loving it, I do lose confidence sometimes when people ask me “What’s the point?” or “Do you really think people are interested in your boring life?”  It makes me doubt myself and wonder whether I should even continue.  But then, somebody says something lovely to me or, like today, I get a beautiful gift and I realise that yes, some people ARE interested in my boring life.  Thank you all for your continued support, it means so much to me.”

I got a picture message from mum yesterday saying that something had been delivered to me from Debenhams PR people.  It’s not that often that I get anything so I’m always excited (and massively grateful) when anything is sent to me.

To be honest, I then had such a crappy day at work that I totally forgot about the delivery, until I walked in mum’s front door and saw it sitting on her dining room table.

EEEEEEEK!  Flowers!!

Now, I’ve only been given flowers on three occasions in my entire life:

  1. By a man who kept asking me out and wouldn’t take no for an answer (they were delivered and the florist refused to take them back and refund him, so I gave the bouquet to mum)
  2. When my ex broke another girls ankle in the early hours of one morning when he was doing goodness knows what with her.
  3. Valentines Day this year when K bought them for me as a joke because he knows I’m anti-Valentines.

So,  you can understand why I say being sent flowers for a positive reason is new and exciting for me!

I perhaps too eagerly busted my way into the box (by ‘too eagerly’ I mean I ripped the box apart in my excitement), did a squeak and yelled “MUUUUUUUM!!” as soon as I saw what was inside.

20 hot pink roses and a three-pack of Sanctuary Spa products!

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get a photograph of the roses that would do them justice – they are SUCH a beautiful colour and they smell amazing.  As for the Sanctuary Spa products, they’re all products I would use – body wash, body scrub and body lotion.

Now, I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea that Debenhams even offered a flower delivery service – if I’d been looking to send flowers to someone it would never have occurred to me to check the Debenhams Flowers website, but having been sent these I’ve been online and had a little nosey at what they have to offer…

There are various different options so you should be able to find the perfect something to send to someone special.  Here are your choices:

Flowers and Sanctuary Spa gift sets
Flowers with scented gifts (some including photo frames too)
Flowers with baby gifts
Flowers and chocolates

When I’ve been sending flowers to people for special occasions in the past, I’ve sometimes spent ages searching the internet trying to find something a little different rather than just sending a standard bouquet, so to have this many options for additional goodies to send along too is, in my opinion, brilliant!

As you know, I’m on a spending ban, but I’m still allowed to buy friends/family presents for birthdays etc, but I do make sure I’m clever with my spending and don’t go overboard.  So, me being the skinflint that I currently am while I clear my debts, I obviously checked out the Debenhams Flowers prices.  The prices range from £19.99 (for a bunch of 50 daffodils) up to £129.99 (for a luxury hamper with a HUGE amount of items in it) for the more financially flush amongst us.

From now on, honestly, I think Debenhams Flowers will be my go-to when I want to send a gift to someone; there’s so much choice, I’m bound to find the perfect-something.

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, or just want to show somebody that you care, I definitely recommend taking a peek at their website and seeing what you think.  Oh, and as always, if you buy something, make sure you let me know what you’ve got!!

I’m off to go and stare at the photo of my flowers until it’s time to go home and stare at my ACTUAL flowers instead…

The Debenhams Flowers people saw this blog post and have offered a 20% discount code on the flowers and Sanctuary Spa product gift range to my readers (valid until 31st May 2013).
Just enter LLBLOG20 when you get to the checkout!


LilliesandLove xx
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