Blogger BFF’s with George at Asda

Blogger BFF’s with George at Asda

Towards the end of last year, the lovely people from George at Asda contacted myself and my Blogger BFF (and general BFF of life) Haydy to pick a dress from their collection to style up.


Any of you that know Haydy will know she has a fantastic style – it’s quirky, it’s fun and it just screams her personality. I’m forever looking at her outfits and wishing I was less of a jeans-and-a-tee girl – her look is beyond awesome.




After having a browse of the George at Asda website, we settled on a dress we both felt comfortable with – their Stolen Heart Sequin Panelled Dress.




Then we went our separate ways for a spot of secret squirrel online shopping to find accessories – I picked out a pair of glitter court shoes, a blazer with leather-look trim, and a tote bag.


asda george apennyforthem


This look, for me, is the perfect day-to-evening outfit, easily wearable in the office then a quick slick of red lipstick and a brush of the hair and you’re ready to hit the bars come 5.00pm!


The most incredible thing about this is that this entire outfit came in at around £80.00! For a good quality dress and wardrobe staples like the blazer, shoes and bag (all of which you know you’ll return to time and time again), this is a more than reasonable price and definitely counts as a fashion investment.


Thank you George for kitting me out – I’m ready to hit the town feeling like a million dollars!


(You can check out how Haydy styled her dress here)



Penny xx


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How To Fight Winter Dry Skin


Whether you’re a fan of colder weather or you’d prefer to fast-forward to the sunny season, winter may take its toll on your skin. Icy winds and blasting central heating can play havoc with our complexions and problems like dry skin and eczema are common at this time of year. There are ways to protect this important organ though. Keep reading for some simple but effective ways to fight dry skin as temperatures drop.


Use Moisturisers

One of the most important skincare tips to take on board when colder conditions set in is to make sure you moisturise on a regular basis. When it’s freezing outside, you no doubt switch on your central heating on to keep the cold at bay. This might be good news for your comfort levels, but it’s not so beneficial when it comes to your skin. Central heating reduces environmental humidity, and this can cause your complexion to dry out. Moisturisers act as a sealant, helping to prevent this. The best time to apply these products is just after you’ve stepped out of the bath or shower. You should also smooth on some cream when you’re getting ready for bed.

If you suffer from eczema, you’ll need to take extra care when choosing your moisturiser. There are now a variety of specialist creams available that are perfect for sensitive skin and that help to prevent flare ups. You can find out more about these creams by visiting your local pharmacy or taking a look at specialist websites like


Avoid Harsh Soaps

Enjoying a steaming hot shower or an indulgent bubble bath can be the perfect way to relax in winter, but if you want to protect your skin, you’ll need to choose suitable soaps. Harsh, alcohol-based products can leave your complexion dry and irritated. Meanwhile, although they smell nice, heavily perfumed products can also be a big mistake. So, instead of reaching for these soaps, make sure you select mild products.


Wear Soft Clothes

The clothes you wear can affect your skin too. Abrasive materials like rough wool can cause irritation and eczema flare-ups. This doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favourite sweater, but if you are wrapping up in clothes like this, make sure you wear something softer underneath. For example, you could slip a light cotton top underneath your jumper. Also, make sure the gloves you wear are kind to your hands.


The winter will always be a tough time for your skin, but if you follow tips like these, you should be able to avoid the worst ill-effects of the chilly season.



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The Best Fashion Accessories to Have This Winter

We are well into the thick of winter now, with the dark mornings and earlier dark evenings. Christmas is nearly here and so it got me thinking about ways to stay warm and cosy. Winter is the best season for layering up, wearing chunky knitted jumpers and scarves. I enjoy seeing different fashion trends so thought it would be interesting to share with you all, my top picks for over winter.


The Perfect Scarf

Scarves are a signature item in winter but you want to pick one out that will last. I think it is important to think about one that will keep you warm, but also go with a variety of outfits. It should be in a colour to complement your coat too, as that is what it will be most often seen with.

Striped scarves are quite a big trend this season, as are skinny scarves. I like the skinny scarf look as they can be worn inside, as well as when you’re outside. They smarten up an outfit too so perfect for at the office or oat at a Christmas party.

Faux fur stoles could be a good option too. If your style is quite smart, it is the perfect thing to add you coat. It will make it look like a completely different coat!


Ear Muffs

Yes, you read that correctly! They are a big hit these days. I think with the introduction of people wearing chunky headphones when they’re out and about, it has brought back the ear muff trend. I spotted some cute fluffy headphones on the other day; they wouldn’t be for me but I can totally picture some of my friends rocking them!

With the rise of chunky headphones, there is also a trend of getting fancy, ornate headphones. So they look a little like ear muffs but are headphones. I have seen some of these type of headphones around with little crowns on. If you like a little bit of bling, then they will certainly be your thing. I’m not sure I’d personally wear them but they look cool.



Brooches, do you remember them? Think they were around in the 80s and then completely disappeared. I’m spotting more and more of them around and it is a trend I’m loving. There are brooches of all shapes and sizes out there. Some quite blingy, some more subtle. I think they spruce up your coat or jacket and add a lovely touch. Do you think you’d get one?


Chunky Jewellery

I am quite a big fan of chunky jewellery anyway; there is so much of it around at the moment. Collar style necklaces, as well as big beads and geometric designs. For a party this season, a plain dress could be really dressed up by wearing a colourful chunky necklace. Wrist cuffs are trendy too and, again, this dresses up a plain outfit. So you don’t need to invest in new clothes this winter, just some new, chunky jewellery.


What is your favourite trend this season? I’d love to hear what you think!


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Fashion Wishlist: Trilogy

Fashion Wishlist: Trilogy

It’s been a while since I introduced you to a new-to-me online discovery, but I’ve got one for you today and with Christmas coming up this could be the ideal place to find something special for a party you’ve got coming up, or to find the perfect gift for someone you love – say hello to Trilogy.


Now, first off, what I will say is that this store is not going to be budget-friendly for everyone – the cheapest item on their New In section is £40 and only one item on my wishlist image is under £100, but they stock some great designers like J Brand Jeans, plus ranges from Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung. With names like that you know the prices are going to be a little higher than your average high street store.


A lot of the items I found on Trilogy were ones I feel are timeless – classic shapes with colours and styles that are perfect to create a capsule wardrobe from.


In terms of their stock, the focus seems to be on clothing rather than shoes or accessories, but I was really impressed with what I found.


Trilogy Stores APennyForThem


Checked shirts are a safe buy for year-round guaranteed wear, as are their selection of jeans which come in various styles and colours, and, as someone who spends most of their life wearing jeans, buying good quality ones is really important to me. The dress is a style I love – nipped in at the waist with a full skirt to give me the illusion of hips – and I have a serious craving for a faux leather skirt – the claret colour of this one just screams “Buy me!”


Now, let’s cross my fingers for a lottery win this Friday so I can go on a shopping spree!


Penny xx


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My Guide to Saving a Fortune on Clothes

My Guide to Saving a Fortune on Clothes

New clothes are a necessity. Every now and again, our clothes will wear out and we need to replace them; that, or they just don’t fit us anymore (I find this happens more frequently when I’ve been indulging in cake, no idea if these two things are related though…) However, clothes can be expensive these days so getting yourself some new togs can be pricey, but I’ve put together this little guide for saving a fortune on clothes!


Create a Capsule Wardrobe
By creating a capsule wardrobe, you’ll eliminate the need to buy too many new things. Your capsule wardrobe should all intertwine, so you can create lots of different outfits. You can do this by picking similar colour schemes and bearing what you usually like to wear in mind while buying. If you don’t have a capsule wardrobe, you’ll always have the mindset of having nothing to wear and feeling stuck when you go shopping. At least this way you can create a variety of outfits and you’ll always know what to look for when buying. You’ll hardly need to buy anything new at all once you have the basics!


Look for Voucher Codes Before You Buy
Looking for voucher codes before you buy is a great way to save a fortune when buying something new. You can nearly always find a voucher code if you look properly, and it should only take you 5 minutes. You could end up saving £30 or more with the right voucher code!


Buy Vintage
Buying vintage clothes is a great idea as they never, ever go out of fashion. You can keep and wear them for years, and nobody will bat an eyelid. Not only that, you can sell them on without losing money on it providing it’s in good condition!



Customize Old Clothes
Rather than buying new clothes, why not customise your old clothes? You can make them totally different by making trendy holes, cutting the sleeves off, and even dying them. They’ll look brand new and you won’t have done much to them at all!


Look in Second Hand Shops
Second hand shops can be amazing for finding bargain clothes. Many of them hardly worn or brand new! If you’d rather do this online, you have eBay and Depop. You can usually find exactly what you’re looking for, for a fraction of the price this way.


Rent Something
Rather than buy something outright, why not rent it instead? You’ll only pay a small amount, and all you need to do is make sure you keep the item in good condition before sending back. Lots of sites offer this now, and you can wear a dress you never would have been able to afford otherwise!


My VIP Wardrobe - A Penny For Them 3I hired this dress from VIP Wardrobe for an event last year


I hope you love this guide to saving a fortune on new clothes and it helps you to keep way more money in your bank account. I use them all the time, and it’s so satisfying when I really get my wear out of a bargain item, or better yet, rent something and don’t end up lumbered with something I won’t wear again. Leave your own tips for me below – I’d love to hear them!



Penny xx


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