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The Joys Of The Garden Centre

20th January 2016

They say men think about sex every 6 seconds, which might seem like a lot, but currently I think I have this beat as I’m pretty sure I think about décor and homewares every 2.3 seconds right now.   Ever since Ben and I decided to set up home together my thoughts have been full […]

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#WowMe32Red {AD-GIFTED}

22nd November 2015

A few months ago, back at the beginning of the summer, I was in my local Asda and – as I always do – I had a little browse in the homewares aisle. (I can’t go in any shop without checking out their homes and interiors bits!)   Whilst wandering around my eye was caught by […]

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Take My Advice – Protect Your Tech! {AD-SPONSORED}

11th November 2015

The other day I wanted to show Ben some photos of the cats when they were kittens, only for me to remember they’re stored on my old laptop. My old laptop that died a death. It’s utterly heartbreaking to think you’ve lost your photos, those little moments of time captured gone forever.     I’m sure […]

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Enjoy Your Garden In All Weathers {AD-GIFTED}

1st November 2015

As you know, at the moment, Ben and I are in the process of doing up our little home. We are decorating top-to-bottom (after a rather disastrous attempt by my previous housemate left 75% of the place in need of TLC, eek!) but as well as the inside, we also need to do some work to […]

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