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Homesense English Garden Essentials

1st June 2017

Homewares. Oh, Homewares, how I love you.   Whether it’s looking for accessories to add character to a room, bedding to make our little sleep nest more cosy, or glassware and crockery to make dining a little bit more special, I am ALL OVER IT.   However, having lived in flats for the majority of […]

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Keeping A Clean House With Pets {AD-SPONSORED}

24th May 2017

My love for my pets is no secret. My Instagram feed is full of pictures of them and whenever I get the chance, I’ll talk to people about them. They’re my favourite things in the world and I love them more than I can put into words.   But, with summer coming and the temperatures […]

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Trouva – My Top Picks Under £20 {AD-GIFTED}

29th December 2016

It’s no secret that I have a big love for homes and interiors; I can spend hours lost watching property programmes and browsing Rightmove, and the best bit about winter for me is the fact that people switch their lights on before closing their curtains, so as I walk home from work I can have a […]

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Finding My Love For Cath Kidston

14th December 2016

Ok, hold on to your seats people because I’m about to say something controversial here and as soon as I do, I fully expect a band of people to storm into my house and rip my title of ‘blogger’ right out of my grubby little mitts.   I’ve never been a fan of Cath Kidston. […]

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Vinyl Clocks – Music Memories For Your Home

9th November 2016

This is not a collaboration, but I have worked with Vinyl Clocks in the past, and rules dictate I need to tell you… so there you go! This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Vinyl Clocks on A Penny For Them and I very much doubt it will be the last because they’re one […]

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My Dream Bathroom {AD-SPONSORED}

18th May 2016

Since my housemate moved out of our house in October last year and Ben moved in, there has been a definite transition – for me – from it being “the place I live” to “ my home”, and now that we are living there as a couple, with our little furry family, it’s taken on a […]

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