Health & Wellbeing

The Implant – 2 Week Update

31st October 2013

Warning:  This blog post might be a little TMI for some people so if you’re of a delicate nature of just don’t want to know about other people’s health, I suggest you come back to read tomorrow’s post instead. As I’ve had so many people asking me questions about the implant/coil over the past week […]

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Body Image – One Step At A Time

7th August 2012

Anyone who knows me, whether through my blog, on Twitter or ‘in real life’ will know that I have body image issues.  The way I see myself does have a certain impact on my everyday life, however, I don’t often show the outside world; I’m very good at hiding my feelings. However, having said all […]

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Enough Tears, From Now On I’m Smiling

9th July 2012

  So, this past week or so has been a little rough and I won’t lie, there have been quite a few tears.   I’m not really that open with showing my emotions (I’ve been the same for years) and I almost feel guilty when I’m upset over something.   Don’t get me wrong, I […]

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So Here Is Where I’m At

6th July 2012

** Firstly, apologies for the poor formatting or any mistakes – I wrote this on my phone as I don’t have an Internet connection at home at the moment ** Ok, so, here it is. The update I promised earlier in the week. As you know, I went for my scan on Tuesday. I was […]

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It’s Scan Day – Eeeeeeek!

3rd July 2012

  In 15 minutes I’m going to be leaving my office to drive to the doctor’s surgery for an ultrasound scan to see what’s happening inside me.   Obviously I hope there’s nothing wrong with me, but if they do the scan and can’t find anything wrong, I’m still going to be left wondering why […]

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