APFT Book Club – My Reading List, January 2019

APFT Book Club – My Reading List, January 2019

I’m a little bit excited about this today because I’m here to tell you all about something I’ve wanted to do for ages and – finally – I’ve got it kicked off. My online book club!


In a busy, busy world it’s so important to slow down and take some time out for your own peace of mind, and – for me – reading is one of the best ways I’ve found to do that. Whether it’s an afternoon with endless cups of tea on the sofa as you lose yourself in a story, or a quick 15-minutes grabbed deep in the pages of your latest read on your commute home, reading is a great way to both exercise your mind and relax it.


Now, one reason I’ve never got on with book clubs before is that life happens and so I can’t always dedicate the time needed to keep up with the rest of the group. Or, I’ve struggled with the book that has been chosen and so lose interest. So, I’ve taken that mindset and decided that my book club is going to be different.


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