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A Penny For Them is a personal blog and a reflection of the life I lead. Everything you see here is written, edited and put together by me, unless stated otherwise (I have occasionally had other bloggers guest post when I’ve been on holiday).


I have always been entirely transparent and clear when I have worked with a brand and have always made sure I disclose this, however, the ASA and CMA have updated the rules (due to some sneaky people advertising to their readers and followers without disclosing it) and so I’ve updated my disclosure policy accordingly.


With this in mind, I will now be using the follow ways of disclosing collaborations:
(as of January-end 2019, prior to this collaborations were disclosed at the base of the post)


The term [AD] will be placed at the end of blog titles where I am working with a brand or company, as well as a sentence at the beginning of the post explaining this further.


On my social media posts I will use the following structure:


[AD – Sponsored] I will use this when I have been given a fee for my work and posting either on my blog or my social channels.

[AD – Gifted] I will be using this when I have been sent an item for free as a gift from the brand or company, with no payment or obligation to actually feature it.

[AD – Review] I will use this when I have been invited to review a venue, for example, a restaurant or hotel etc.

[AD – Previous Collab] This is the one that makes no sense to me… I have to use this when I feature something I have bought of my own free will and with my own money, with no connection to the brand or company itself, but I have worked with them previously. I don’t personally think that if I buy something myself it actually counts as an ad, but that’s what the ASA/CMA want us to do, so I have to do it.

[AD – Affiliate Link] This is one I probably won’t use often because it’s not something I really use, but an affiliate link is on where if you click the link and go through to buy the item from that, I will receive a (teeny, really teeny) proportion of that cost as a commission.


This does mean that you’ll see the word AD on more posts but nothing has changed – I will still only ever feature something if I genuinely believe in it and like it – and I will always be 100% honest and open. Business as usual, as they say!


What I would ask if that if you’re on social media and see me share a post with that little AD note at the beginning, I would be endlessly grateful if you could take the time to engage with it – either by liking, commenting or sharing – as this helps me in building relationships with brands and companies. I’m not a big blogger and I’ll never be able to have this website as more than a hobby, I know that, but every single time you connect with me it means the world to me. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that.


Please remember, I’m not an expert in any field; I’m just a normal person leading a normal life and, as such, any views or opinions express are my own. Any claims, statements, statistics or other representation of products or services should be verified with the company/brand in question.


If you wish to use any of my content, imagery or video, please make contact with me to discuss before doing so. Everything I create is Copyright of myself.


Now we’ve got the serious bits out of the way, why not drop me a line if you’re interested in working with me? You can find details of the (many) ways to speak to me over on my Contact Page.


Look forward to hearing from you!




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A Penny For Them uses affiliate links occasionally. Affiliate links means that sometimes if you click through to a website and register or purchase something, I get a commission from that sale at no extra cost to you. However, rest assured that all opinions and reviews are 100% honest, open and entirely my own.