Christmas Gifts & Decor from The Christmas Shop Holt {AD-REVIEW}

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been A LOT. We’ve navigated our way through a global pandemic that has changed the world and, in a year where it’s sometimes felt like the sky might just be falling in on us (because, if that was going to happen, 2020 would be the year for it) we have found ourselves grasping onto the little sparks of joy with both of our hands and squeezing every last drop out of those feel-good moments.

One of the things I’ve taken enormous pleasure from is the amount of people I have seen launching new businesses or taking on side hustles. all these small businesses growing from little seeds is just so lovely to watch, and the celebrations that each and every sale brings for the people that are running them is an absolute tonic for the soul.

I intend to shout about small businesses on this blog on a regular basis (I already have a few I am desperate to tell you about) but I’m starting off today with a very special festive business, launched by someone I have known through the blogging world for a good few years now.

Everyone, meet The Christmas Shop Holt.

Christmas Shop Holt - Christmas Gifts and Decor Logo

A fab small business, run by a Christmas-loving couple, The Christmas Shop Holt offers a whole range of different festive bits and bobs to get you ready for the big day. From reusable advent calendars to homewares, decorations to planning tools to help you organise your Christmas to perfection, there are so many lovely bits – and the shop is still in it’s infancy! Wreaths and fairies and stand-alones and baubles… it’s a treasure trove and I was extremely lucky to be sent some bits to add to my Christmas decor by them.

Christmas Shop Holt - Christmas Gifts and Decor

Opening the box to find each item individually wrapped in festive red tissue paper (which can be recycled – extra brownie points from me for that!) it felt like Christmas morning as I excitedly unwrapped them to find out what they were – and I wasn’t disappointed!

Christmas Shop Holt - Christmas Gifts and Decor

What a great little bundle of Christmas goodies!

From left to right we have:

A “Christmas Savings” money box for squirreling away those pennies and help save up for all those presents and preparations. This is something I really do need because I always end up paying for Christmas out of my last two pay-packets of the year and wishing I’d been more sensible and saved up instead!

The wooden Merry Christmas sign is lovely, with glitter detailing which catches the light beautifully – it doesn’t get much more festive than fairylights twinkling against glitter does it?

Three Nordic wooden decorations with snowy detail on one side – these are absolutely beautiful. I’m a real sucker for wooden decor and they look so good hanging on our tree. I’m trying to add a new decoration or two to our tree every year so that in years to come it becomes full of memories and special items, and these are perfect to add to our collection.

And perhaps my favourite item of all, the beautiful enamel mug – there is just something about it that feels really special. Perhaps because it’s enamel and feels like a throwback to a different era? I feel like it screams out to be filled with hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream – the most perfect cosy drink for this time of year. I did wonder if perhaps it might get a bit hot because of what it’s made of, but I’ve tested it out and it doesn’t carry the heat into the handle at all – it’s great!

I’m so pleased with all the bits I received, they look so good and it feels really special to know that every year from now until who-knows-when they’ll be part of our annual Christmas celebrations – I’m a sucker for tradition and have so many memories of particular decorations from my childhood; now we get to create our own.

A huge thank you to The Christmas Shop Holt for sending these to me, I really do love them – and, as I know the people behind the shop are particularly fond of cats, I thought I’d send a very special thank you with a little cameo from Devon… (and me! Can you spot me?)

Christmas Shop Holt - Christmas Gifts and Decor

If you’re looking for some Christmas goodies at a very reasonable price, check out The Christmas Shop Holt website. If you’re not sure what you fancy, you can even buy a Mystery Box from them which will arrive on your doorstep full of lovely surprises!

Don’t forget to let me know if you buy anything, I love seeing other people’s decorations!

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well, and starting to feel festive. It’s been a really tough year for lots of us in so many different ways, but there is so much to be thankful for; sometimes we just need to look a little harder to find it.

Sending love and festive wishes,

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