Virtual Flower Arranging & Cocktail Making With Moonpig {AD-PR EVENT}

Every so often a brand comes along with such iconic advertising that it embeds itself into our collective brains and becomes a part of modern and living history – Moonpig is one of those brands. In fact, I think it’s probably impossible to think about Moonpig without singing their ad jingle to yourself – we all know it, don’t we? ♫ Moonpig dot coooom ♫

So, when they reached out to me recently inviting me to take part in a virtual blogger event they were hosting I jumped at the chance! Not only are they a company that I use on a regular basis anyway, but I’d seen one of their previous virtual events and it had looked so much fun!

This was my first blogging event in a while and my first ever virtual one – with Covid-19 preventing gatherings of people, the world has had to find a new normal and I have to say that Moonpig have got online partying absolutely NAILED. It was brilliantly organised and ran so smoothly, from arranging deliveries of the items we needed a day or so before the event, to getting each element of the night to come together seamlessly, it was great. Well done Moonpig!

I was actually a bit late to the event as I got out of work late but I raced home from London and was just in time to catch the end of a presentation from Moonpig’s very own Jasper showing us around the new look app and some of it’s fancy new features, and from what I saw (and from having a browse and buying a few bits on there since) it looks great!

One of the parts that really surprised me was finding out that the website offers over 10,000 variations of cards and filters, including their new giant card which measures approx 29cm x 42cm so roughly the size of an A3 piece of paper! I recently bought one of these for one of my closest friends and she loved it! There’s just something about an oversized card that makes you smile I think, plus with all the options available to truly personalise them, they become so much more than just a card. As well as this there is a brilliant new feature where you can have a hand-written message or doodle in the card, even if it’s being sent directly to the recipient! Simply write or draw your chosen design on a piece of white paper, capture it via the app when prompted and they’ll print in there for you – it is such a great idea! At the moment this feature is only available on iOS but Jasper said they’re hoping to be able to roll it out to Android soon – this is something I know I’ll definitely be using in the future.

As well as the astonishingly huge variation of card options, Moonpig also offers a wide range of additional gifts – everything from chocolate and sweets to flowers and games; you’re bound to find the perfect something for the person you care about. They actually very kindly sent me a version of Trivial Pursuit centred around the TV series Friends and one of the biggest bunches of flowers I have ever received! I struggled to fit it all in to one vase!

This was The Luxury Summer Garden bouquet, made up of 8 Roses, 7 Scabiosa, 8 Lisianthus, 3 Gloriosa and 5 Viburnum. The colours were so vivid and they filled the room with the most beautiful scent.

The flowers were delivered wrapped up safely in a cardboard box big enough to stop them from getting squashed and a care card telling you how to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. After our app demonstration from Jasper was finished, we were handed over to Roxanne, Moonpig’s resident flower expert, who talked us through how to care for flowers in our home and how best to arrange them. Little tips like cutting the stems at an angle rather than flat so they aren’t starved of water, and arranging the stems in a criss-cross teepee fashion were the key points I took away from it, along with changing the water every 3 days or so to make sure they always have a fresh and clean water supply to drink as this will help them live longer. She also recommended that when you’re arranging them to separate each flower type out ‘around the clock’ in the vase with stems of different lengths to give a variation of heights. I’ve always been rubbish at putting flowers into vases but since this lesson I feel like I’ve had my eyes opened and I don’t think I did too badly for a first timer!

Following the flower arranging came the cocktail making masterclass with James from Mix and Twist. We’d been sent all the ingredients and tools we would need in advance, from vodka and sugar syrup to lime and strawberries, and shakers and glasses – we had it all! This part of the night was great fun as we were shown how to make 3 different summer cocktails and had to compete against each other for the best looking creation and the one made the fastest. (I won neither so won’t be giving up my day job!) My dining time (and me) were very sticky from all the spilt ingredients by the end of it – apparently I’m not distinctly below average at making cocktails but I’m a messy worker too!

Here’s what we had:

Summer Garden
– 45ml vodka
– 25ml lime juice
– 25ml sugar syrup
– mint leaves
– cucumber
– 25ml elderflower soda

Strawberry Fizz:
– 45ml vodka
– 25ml lemon juice
– 25ml sugar syrup
– soda
– strawberries
– slice of lemon

Passionfruit Martini
– 45ml vodka
– 20ml lemon juice
– 25ml passionfruit syrup
– 60ml pineapple juice

All in all, the night was so much fun! It was interactive, taught me some new skills, and highlighted to me just how much thought, planning, care and attention is behind the Moonpig brand. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that there are real people behind a company name so it was really nice to get the opportunity to speak with them, ask them questions and see just how passionate they are about what they do.

In the world we find ourselves living at the moment, where we perhaps can’t be around the people we care about as much as we might like to be, Moonpig are the perfect example of how you can still show love and care without being there in person. A bunch of flowers, a gift, or even something as small as a card can be enough to totally turn someone’s day around and remind them that they’re loved.

I’ve always been a loyal Moonpig customer and after (virtually) spending an evening with them I know that isn’t going to change. You can fall in love with Moonpig too, just download the app by clicking here.

Thank you Moonpig for a fantastic night, it was so much fun and I am so grateful to have been a part of it!

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