Perfume Love Notes With Boots: An Ode To My Best Friend {AD}

That right there is my best friend, Rachael, and she is a superhero.

If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen her popping up from time to time so she won’t be a stranger to you, but when Boots contacted me and asked if I would like to write a post about an amazing mother in my life in time for Mother’s Day later this month (22nd March – don’t forget!), I knew instantly that I wanted to take this opportunity to tell the world about Rach and the incredible person she is.

Having completed her own family with three of the most amazing children (I adore them), she then decided to embark on a journey to help others become parents by donating her eggs, and she is now beginning the process of her first surrogacy, carrying a child for a wonderful woman who began as a stranger to her and is now a good friend.

As I said – she’s a superhero!

Egg donation and surrogacy isn’t an easy road, not by any stretch of the imagination. There are blood tests and scans, daily medication and injections that left her stomach black and blue, vitamins to take, foods to avoid, frequent visits to hospital and the GP, not to mention the procedures to extract the eggs, and in the case of the surrogacy, there are the obvious additional aspects of carrying a baby, giving birth, and then the recovery afterwards.

And she’s doing all of this so that other people can become parents. So that they can fulfill their dreams and feel the joy and love she does every day when she looks at her own children. I’m in awe of her never-ending desire to help others and I count my lucky stars every day that I get to call such a good soul my best friend.

I’ve always known Rachael has been selfless (often to the point of it being detrimental to herself, as I’ve told her off for many times!) She always puts other people’s wants and needs before her own and would never dream of treating herself or splashing out. If she has £10 in her pocket she will always spend it on someone else; it would never cross her mind to spend it on herself. She’ll give items away for free that she could easily sell, she buys sanitary products to give to homeless women she sees on her way to and from work, and she showers the people she loves with I-saw-this-and-thought-of-you gifts.

But more than money, Rachael is endlessly generous with her time. She’s always the one helping people prepare the food for parties and staying behind afterwards to tidy up, she packs and unpacks their houses when they’re moving, she turns up on the doorstep wielding a paintbrush and a playlist when they’re decorating, or looks after their children so they can go out for the evening or get an extra shift at work. If one of her friends is poorly she’ll pop to the shop and pick them up some supplies. If someone is going through heartache she rallies around with cups of tea and cuddles. She picks up every injured animal she sees and takes it home to nurse it back to health, and if a creature has been killed on the road, she’ll either stop and track down the owner if it’s a domestic animal, or move it to one side if it’s a wild animal so that it doesn’t get run over more than it has already.

She gives and she helps and she cares and she loves, and she never asks for anything in return. Ever.

When Boots contacted me about writing this post they asked me to choose a perfume to treat Rachael with (something she would NEVER buy herself) and I was so excited to be able to give her a little token of my appreciation of her friendship. I opted for Alien by Mugler because it always reminds me of her. Whenever I smell it it takes me back to getting ready for nights out and that final spritz of scent before we ran out the door to the waiting taxi, the whole night ahead of us unwritten and full of potential adventures.

Delicately floral with amber and woody tones, and presented in an amethyst colour bottle, this women’s perfume is mystical and mysterious, with a glamorous edge. (Also, you can buy refills to top up your bottle rather than keep buying new ones and throwing away the old; perfect for Rach’s eco-friendly values!)

I know you’re reading this Rach, so the next paragraph is for you:

Thank you for all you do for others. For the help you give when people are in need, the hugs you envelope them in when they’re down, for the time you spend making sure others are ok, and for the incredible gift of life and love you have given and continue to give in helping other people have families of their own. I am forever amazed by your capability to do good and I’m so incredibly lucky that I get to call you my best friend. I’m a better person for having you as my sidekick and I promise I will always strive to show you the kind of friendship you show me. Love you, Otter!

“Otter” is our nickname for each other, so we got matching tattoos last year to commemorate 10 years of our friendship.

This Mother’s Day, take the time to show some love to the mother’s who make an impact on your life. I’d love to hear stories of the most important mother’s in your life, so drop me a message in the comments below, or you can tell me over on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – I want to hear about all the incredible women in the world!

What’s your favourite perfume scent family? Let me know in the poll below! (My favourite perfume of all time is Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf; a beautiful floral scent that makes me smile every single time I wear it!)

Yay she liked them!

This post is a collaboration with Boots UK but all thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.
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