My New Wardrobe Staples From Femme Luxe {AD-GIFTED}

Femme Luxe A Penny For Them

It’s not often you’ll find me posting fashion-focussed posts – I’ve never been particularly comfortable in front of a camera lens and clothing has always been something I use as a barrier; a shield to cover me up and let me blend in with my surroundings. I’ve fought for years not to be seen. So, today’s post is far outside my comfort zone, but I’m doing it! I’m here to show you some goodies I recently received from Femme Luxe.

I’m very much a “jeans and jumper” girl when I’m out and about, and once I get home I’m in my comfies, so when Femme Luxe gave me the opportunity to grab a couple of items from them I knew exactly what I was looking for – the old faithful wardrobe staples that I know I’ll get loads of wear out of, but with that little slightly smart-glam twist that the brand are so good at.

First up I opted for this camel beauty from their coats and jackets range.

I am absolutely in love with this jacket! Waterfall duster in style, it is such a great colour for everyday wear, or to dress up an outfit for a night out – an absolute winner for day-to-night transition. The material itself is fairly thin but it’s surprisingly warm, perfect for these autumn days. It sounds silly but wearing this jacket makes me feel just that little bit more swish and helps turn a simple outfit into something a little more special.

Underneath the jacket is the second item I was very kindly sent, another jumper for my collection and one that I know will instantly become a regular feature of my outfits over these colder months. In the past year or so I’ve been trying to shop more consciously, instead of buying items just because, now I try to buy only those things I love, and this oversized jumper ticks that box. It’s warm and snug, perfect for this time of year, but has a cheeky little side-split to add a little bit something extra. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the coming months!

The third and final item I was sent was a new item for my staple indoor uniform – a super comfy loungewear set. I’m one of those people that the second I walk in the front door, I have to get changed into something comfy and recently I’ve started buying more loungewear sets so that despite being snuggled up on the sofa, I still feel like I’ve got a bit of a look going on.

This particular set has slightly cropped trousers and the top is short sleeved and boxy, giving some structure and shape which makes it feels a little bit more stylish.

The material is really lightweight and soft so I think this is going to see me through most of the year, even those late nights sat in the evening sun in the garden during the summer.

It’s also ideal for pottering around the house doing housework – I hate wearing anything too heavy when I’m cleaning, but this is ideal for it! (Excuse the pile of washing waiting to be put away behind me!) (… and the box I still need to unpack 3 months after moving in to this house…)

The only point I will make about this loungewear set is that there is no drawstring top, so if they’re a bit loose on you, there’s no way to tighten them up. Just something to bear in mind if you have a small waist to butt ratio!

In terms of fitting I would say these items are true to size, but they do only stock sizes 6-16 so that’s something to bear in mind.

Overall I’m genuinely so chuffed with these items, they feel really good quality and look great. Price-wise, Femme Luxe is pretty reasonable too! The loungewear set is £13.99, the jumper is £15.99 and the jacket is £16.99 – bargains!

I’m never going to be a super stylish fashionista but brands like this make it easy to look and feel good whilst staying within your comfort zone.

Oh, and out of all the photos we took today, this one that caught Poppy at the point of sneezing is my favourite! What did we do to deserve animals, eh?

Thank you Femme Luxe for sending me these brand new fancy togs , I love them!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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