Dear Diary… A Short Break (We’re Moving House!)

Dear Diary… A Short Break (We’re Moving House!)

It’s been a couple of months since my last “Dear Diary…” life update post and, somehow, things have been simultaneously quite quiet and really eventful at the same time. I think, realistically, I’m not going to be able to blog much in the next month or so as my free time is going to spent focussing on things that need to be done offline. Namely, we have to pack up our entire house and move – not the easiest thing when you’ve got one leg that doesn’t work properly!


So, starting at the beginning of this story, our Landlord popped round on Tuesday evening a few weeks ago to tell us that she is going to sell the house we’re currently living in. In a way it was a bolt out of the blue, but I had been harbouring a little feeling in my bones for a few weeks which told me that our time in this house was coming to an end. I don’t know why; I just knew.


I don’t feel sad though. This house has served me well. It was a shelter in the storm after breaking up with my ex, it was the first place I ever lived with a housemate, it became a first home for Ben and I when he moved in with me, and it was the place we built our happy – mainly furry – family. It was in the bathroom here I first noticed the tell-tale sign of my Cancer, it was the bedroom here that I stayed whilst recovering from my surgery, it was the kitchen where I have danced to endless solo discos (and felt slightly bad for my neighbours if they could hear me), and the living room has seen many a night of watching films snuggled up under a blanket, feeling completely content.


This little house has been a home to us for over 4 years and I will always be grateful for the times we’ve had here, but a new start beckons and with that new start comes a hell of a lot of paperwork and even more sorting through wardrobes, cupboards and drawers as we try and condense our combined lives into as few boxes as possible. It’s the perfect opportunity to sort through everything we have accumulated and throw out/donate to charity the things we don’t need. I definitely want to streamline our belongings so that our new house isn’t bursting at the seams – a slightly more minimal way of living is definitely the way forward.


We have about 2 months until we need to move so it might seem like we are getting started on the packing early, but my leg still isn’t fully functional and I still can’t bend down, lean, stretch, stand on tip-toes or move/carry anything heavy, so poor Ben is going to have to do most of the hard work while I stand nearby and give instructions. So, for that reason, I’m putting the blog into a slumber while I focus on getting my offline life in order and, once our feet are on the ground in the new place, I’ll be back with a brand new layout and – hopefully – lots to tell you.


I’m so excited for this next adventure. See you all soon!




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