Smashing Preconceptions & Getting Kitted Out With Jacamo {AD-GIFTED}

Jacamo very kindly sent us these items free of charge in return for our thoughts. All opinions are, as always, 100% honest and our own.


Isn’t it strange how you can sometimes find yourself with a preconception of what a brand, place or event is and then find out that you had it wrong all along? Well, that’s exactly what’s happened to me, having had the opportunity to collaborate with Jacamo on this post.


When I was approached by Jacamo to ask if they could send a couple of items out for Ben to wear, I was pleased because – 1) A brand wanting to work with little ol’ me, after all this time of being off the blogging wagon and desperately wanting 2019 to be the year I get back on it, and 2) I thought it would be nice for Ben to have a little treat as he’s always so supportive of my writing and blog, and he’s been an absolute angel waiting on me hand and foot while I’m still on sofa/bed rest after surgery.


But what was my preconception about the brand? Well, I personally thought Jacamo only sold plus sizes (I’m sure when they first appeared on the scene they focussed on plus size only, but that might not be true), however, it’s definitely not the case and – honestly – it’s a breath of fresh air to find a brand that caters for such a wide range of body types for men, stocking clothing from sizes Small to 5XL.


As a side note, it dawned on me whilst working with Jacamo that plus size offerings for men seem to be much less visible than for females. There is still a long, long way to go in the fashion world for every day plus-size women, but there are more and more brands talking about it (although they often consider size 12 as ‘plus’ which is ridiculous, but that’s a discussion for another time) but I have to say, I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen a mens brand promoting the items they offer that cater to those with larger bodies. So, for this alone, Jacamo are leaps and bounds ahead.


Another misconception I had about Jacamo was that I didn’t realise they sell household designer names – for some reason I had the impression that they were selling unknown names or perhaps their own label. But no, their website is jam-packed with brands we know and love like Wrangler, Armani, Firetrap, Jack & Jones, Vans and so many more – I had no idea they stocked such a huge range and I’m very impressed!


So, what did Ben receive? Well, Jacamo very kindly sent him a pair of Wrangler Texas Stretch Blue Jeans and a Jack & Jones Checked Shirt, (he’s partial to a shirt for a night out) both of which we know to be good quality brand names, and these two items were no exception.


Note: Please excuse the slightly bodged photos – I’m still not able to stand, so these were taken in a very quick few minutes whilst I balanced half on a crutch and half on the stair banister – not the easiest way to take pictures! Also, you can’t go anywhere in our house without the animals coming with you…


Jacamo Jack & Jones Checked Shirt

(Me wobbling on one leg, the animals running around, and Ben looking like he didn’t want to be in front of the lens/was worried I was about to fall over and break my leg – I’m a pro blogger dontcha know!)


In terms of pricing, it’s much as you would expect it to be for the brand names stocked, but Jacamo do pop items into their sale with good reductions (so keep an eye on that) and they have an Outlet section where you can get some great pieces at a lesser price than you might anticipate.


All in all, I found this collaboration pretty enlightening – Jacamo are nothing like the idea I had in my head and, actually, are a really good one-stop-shop to find great fashion brand names all in one place. I’ll definitely be buying more items from them in the future when it comes to birthdays and Christmas; I don’t think you can go wrong!



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