Lazing About In Style With Pyjama Factory {AD-GIFTED}

Pyjama Factory very kindly gifted me with these PJs. All opinion remain, of course, 100% honest and my own.


I know I’m not alone in feeling like this, but I just can’t relax at home whilst wearing my ‘outdoor clothes’. Whenever I walk in my front door I’m straight up those stairs to get changed into my comfy clothes – the jeans are off and the joggers are on! So, imagine my sheer delight when Pyjama Factory said they would like to send me some fresh new togs to relax in. Could this be my dream collab? Quite possibly.


Despite the fact that I love PJ’s, my bedtime attire has always been a little bit mix and match. I’m very much a shorts-and-an-old-tshirt kind of girl. Band shirts, wrestling shirts, random vest tops I’ve bought at some point or other, all teamed with a pair of loose bottoms during the colder months or some shorts in the summer. I never seem to actually go out and buy myself pyjama sets though, it just never really crosses my mind!


I was lucky enough to receive two different pairs as a gift from Pyjama Factory – one set ideal for the summer and the other ideal for this time of year. In fact, I’m wearing them as we speak – I’ve been home for less than half an hour and I’m already snug as a bug. I’m such a homebody, I can’t help it!


Pyjama Factory Santa I Tried Pyjamas A Penny For Them


The set I’m wearing at the moment is the ‘Dear Santa… I Tried!’ set and oh my lord they are literally the most comfortable thing I own. In fact, when I put them on for the first time I actually whispered “oh my god” to myself – they’re bliss!


Pyjama Factory Santa I Tried Pyjamas A Penny For Them


The pyjamas themselves are really good quality, with the top being a mix of cotton and polyester and the trousers being 100% polyester fleece, meaning they’re really cosy! I feel like these are the perfect Christmas PJs but I have a sneaky feeling I’ll end up wearing them long after the festive season is over!


Pyjama Factory Santa I Tried Pyjamas A Penny For Them


Having tried on both sets I was sent, I would say that Pyjama Factory run true to size, which is a definite bonus as it takes the guesswork out of ordering (something I always worry about when shopping online).



I haven’t worn the second – ‘Too Lazy To Move’ – set I was sent as they’re more suited to the cooler months but I absolutely love them and, again, they’re really great quality and I love the design of them!


As well as women’s PJs, you can also get some fab bits for men and kids too (including matching family PJ sets) – an ideal gift for someone you love! Everyone needs some comfy clothes for around the house after all and priced at just £14.99 and £12.99 respectively they won’t break the bank either!


Thank you Pyjama Factory for sending me over these items, I am genuinely so pleased with them and I’ll definitely be buying some more after payday for lounging around the house. Hair up, bra off, PJs on – Ben’s a lucky man!


If you want to treat someone you love (or yourself, you deserve it!) to some new PJs, slippers or a dressing gown, get yourself over to the Pyjama Factory website, I’m so impressed with them and I think you will be too!


(Shout out to my little podgy belly in these photos – I would usually baulk at the thought of posting pictures of myself full-length online but, honestly, sod it, this is what I look like and I’m fed up of beating myself up all the time. We are all miracles and I intend on treating myself like one from now on).




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  • Sam says:

    There is nothing better than getting home and putting your PJs on! These are really cute and you look great in them, well done for being brave and sharing the photos

  • Bee says:

    These look so comfy! To be honest I live in my pjs so this is the perfect post for me – gonna go look at them now.
    And, can we please take a moment to look at your hair
    Bee xxx

    • Penny says:

      Thank you! It’s coming off in the New Year so I’m enjoying it while I can! Definitely check out the PJs, they’re such good quality and so reasonably priced too! I’m basically living in mine now haha xx

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