Hungry Hounds Bakery – The Kindest Company On The Planet? Possibly!

Today I want to tell you all about a brilliant dog-focussed brand that you need to know about if you’re looking to buy something for a special canine in your life – The  Hungry Hounds Bakery.


Now, I have actually mentioned Hungry Hounds before, way back in May 2016, when we were celebrating both our 1-year anniversary of having Poppy and her 3rd (guesstimated) birthday. I’d been looking online for a dog-friendly cake and lo and behold I found the absolute dream company. Roll on to November 2018 and we have them showing such an extraordinary display of customer care and kindness that I shouted it from the rooftops on social media, and I want to tell you about it here today as well.


(This is the cake, for anyone wondering)


Regular readers will know that my Pops has a little bit of brain damage having been abused as a puppy. Because of this she has a few personality quirks and little habits, all of which we can accommodate in everyday life pretty easily now we understand how her mind works.


For example, most dogs love to destroy their toys and she does too, but, oh boy, she goes to town! I bought her a stuffed elephant a few years ago and I decided to time her to see how long it took from the moment of me handing it to her until it being competely torn apart… 1 minute 27 seconds. He’s now just a very ropey looking shell of an elephant, but we’ve kept him anyway because sometimes she likes to throw him around the room for a bit.


But, an exception to that rule is the toy she loves more than any other and treasures so dearly – Mr Piggy. She is obsessed with him and loves him so much but, after 2.5 years of extreme love from a rather big dog, he’s not looking his best. He’s been “in hospital” several times for operations to repair damage caused by her constantly carrying him around, and within the past few months it has become quite obvious to me that there’s only so much “surgery” I can do and, one day, he’s going to be beyond saving. So I started looking online for a replacement, a new Mr Piggy to replace the original when he finally falls apart.


But it wasn’t that easy.


Having done lots of research I came to find that Mr Piggy had been discontinued. I couldn’t find a single stockist in the UK and the only place I could find to buy one in the entire world was in the US, and it was retailing at £45.01 with delivery costing £128.87. That’s £173.88. For a dog toy. Even then, it was out of stock.


As much as I love Pops (and my god I love her so much it hurts) there was no way I was going to pay near on £175.00 for a dog toy, so I resigned myself to perhaps having to make a replacement myself (not easy when you’re as rubbish at creative stuff as me!) but in a last ditch attempt I emailed Hungry Hounds to see if they happened to have any left in stock that they hadn’t sold on their website. Within a day I had a reply saying they didn’t have any left but their very own office dog had a Mr Piggy that he never played with… fast forward a week or two and a package arrives at my door.



A brand new Mr Piggy and the most adorable card ever!


This kind of customer care is something that can’t be taught and can’t be bought – you’ve either got it or you haven’t, and Hungry Hounds Bakery have it in spades! For me it shows that they genuinely care about their customers and have a true love of dogs, as to make this much effort and do something so caring for a dog you don’t know is so, so kind.


Aside from this, I love Hungry Hounds as a business and have actually bought some doggy gifts from their website for my furry niece and nephew for Christmas. Their cakes, biscuits and treats are all homemade and safe for consumption, plus they have extra little items to choose from like bake-at-home kits, toys, bathtime supplies, bandanas, ID tags, and party supplies if you’re throwing a little shindig to celebrate your favourite pupster. It’s a bit of a one stop shop for spoiling your dog rotten and I absolutely love it!


In this day and age, when so much of retail is done online, it can be easy to run a business – or buy from one – without there ever being a human touch, but The Hungry Hounds Bakery really stand out from the rest with their love and care for the customers – both furry and non-furry – shining through.


I can’t recommend them enough – and neither can Poppy!


Thank you Hungry Hounds for being brilliant in every possible way, I am so grateful for you!



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