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I think Instagram might just be my new favourite social media platform. I used to be hooked on Twitter, chatting with people from all across the world, reading news and opinions, and laughing at videos of animals, but with the various political happenings of the past couple of years I soon noticed the tone had changed and suddenly it seemed to be the go-to online community for every Tom, Dick and Harry to spout their toxic attitudes. Instagram, albeit definitely suffering from a few faults of its own, seems to be a much happier environment and so it’s where I find myself most often when I’m scrolling endlessly and mindlessly.


So, with the end of the year upon us and my annual reflection upon what has passed in the last 12 months as well as what I hope for the year to come, I also like to make use of a website called Top Nine which allows you to see which were your most liked photos of the year on Instagram. I’ve done this every year for the past few years and sometimes it can be quite a surprise to see which pics have got the most attention!



This year I had an inkling which photo would be my most liked (and I was right – it’s probably my most liked ever) but there were a few in there that I had honestly forgotten I had taken but served as a little reminder of a happy moment in time.


Our engagement announcement photo


As expected, the photo we used to announce our engagement was the most liked picture I shared this year. I took this around 2 hours after it had actually happened and we were sitting at the bar in our favourite holiday destination (and my soul home), Elounda. I was feeling completely overwhelmed and when I shared this photo to my Instagram, Twitter and personal Facebook page, that feeling only increased as we received hundreds of messages of congratulations. I didn’t expect such a huge reaction and was really touched – I felt incredibly loved in so many different ways and it will always be one of the most special nights of my life.



The second photo was a surprise to me – I knew that it had lots of likes when I uploaded it as it’s such a cute photo of Pops, but I didn’t know it was the second most popular! Although this photo was taken to show off a denim dress I had been sent and loved (read about that here) this moment itself was totally candid and I think that’s what made it so special – capturing a moment of connection and love between me and my best girl.



This picture is another from Elounda, taken the day after our engagement when we visited a new restaurant on the waterfront. It was one of the tastiest meals of the holiday and the portions were huge, I was so ready to get to bed and sleep it off once we were finished!



Erm, my ring again… I shared this photo on the day that I wrote about our engagement story, a memory I wanted to preserve as I’m sure over the years I might forget small details of it. I love this picture as you can see how vibrant the yellow diamond is and, in the background, you can see my Nan’s old watch which I keep on my bedside table.



A long weekend in Devon this year gave us the opportunity to visit Clovelly. We were so lucky with the weather and were able to sit outside the pub down in the harbour. This was a great weekend all in all, we had so much fun and it was one of the many adventures we had this year.



I had forgotten all about this photo but – as simple as it looks – it makes my heart swell with happiness when I look at it. This was taken on the day I was discharged by my Cancer Consultant and told I didn’t need to see him again, other than my annual checks. It was over, officially over. After getting the news we decided to celebrate in the best way possible – by going to drink my favourite cocktail (an Old Fashioned) in my favourite bar/restaurant in Essex (The Royal Hotel). We definitely got a little bit drunk that day but I think the occasion definitely warranted it!



This is probably my favourite photo of Poppy. She comes into our bedroom every morning while we get ready for work and has a little nap – she just wants to be around us no matter what we are doing and whether or not she’s fully conscious! When I took Poppy on I definitely wasn’t in a place in my life where I should have got a dog, but I adapted my life to fit around having her and I don’t for a second miss those spur-of-the-moment nights out or cheeky weekends away I used to be able to do at the drop of a hat. She changed my life massively but in the best possible way. I love this beautiful girl, I really, really do.



This might seem like a strange photo to be in my most popular of 2018, but the story behind it explains the reason so many people engaged with it. There’s a dedicated post to it here if you want to know what’s so special about these two dog toys, it’s a heart-warmer, that’s for sure!



Just a candid photo of me. Not really – I had to prop my phone up on a shelf at work using some packaging tape and it’s zoomed in quite closely because to the left of me there’s some boxes and a sack trolley, and to the right of me is a sink and the door to our office toilet. Glam, eh? This was actually taken purely to go along with a post I wrote about learning to love myself (something I’m still working on, plus a goal for 2019) but I have to say, my hair looks pretty sleek considering I’m normally channelling Worzel Gummidge by the time I get to the office!


So there we have it; my most popular Instagram posts for 2018 and some lovely memories of a fantastic year. After 2017 (aka the worst year of my life) I was so determined to make this year one of healing and happiness and it really, truly has been.


I’ve a post going live tomorrow looking back on 2018 as a whole – my highlights, the lessons I’ve learned, how I feel I’ve changed as a person etc – so check back to have a look at that if you have a spare few minutes.


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Until tomorrow…



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