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Candles By Katy A Penny For Them

Scented candles – I find they’re a little bit like marmite; people either seem to love them or hate them. I’m definitely a lover of them and with the chilly winter evenings and dismal rainy days, there’s something lovely about lighting a couple of candles and getting cosy.


That said, having two nosey cats in the house is a bit of a fire hazard, so we can only ever light candles if they’re tucked away safely inside the lanterns we have in our living room, otherwise there would be absolute carnage!


One issue I’ve come across time and time again with scented candles is that the quality of the fragrance seems to be very much price dependent. The cheaper ones you can pick up for a few quid smell nice but once they’re burning they can’t quite carry enough to fill the room, and the ones that do the job are pretty pricey. I nearly fell over when I came home one night to find Ben had lit my Neom candle – at £45.00 it was bought with some Christmas money I was given a few years ago and it was strictly for looking elegant on the coffee table, not for lighting!


But none of that matters now because I might just have found the best scented candles out there! They’re from a company that are a fairly new kid on the block but I think they’re great and want to tell everyone about them! Let me introduce you to Candles by Katy.


Now before I start telling you all the details, I’ll get the necessaries out of the way – these items were sent to me by Katy as we have been Instagram buddies for some years. But she didn’t send them to me in order for me to write about them; she sent them to me as a gift and I’m so grateful. She’s a good egg that one!


Candles By Katy A Penny For Them


Obviously I will always do everything I can to support my friends and their business ventures but this isn’t a post written out of loyalty – I’m writing it because, honestly, these candles are incredible and I genuinely want everyone to know about them! I am so impressed with what Katy has achieved – the packaging is stunning and looks incredibly high end and, when it comes to the products themselves, she has absolutely excelled herself.


I was sent the Travel Candle Rose Gold in the scent Fresh Linen (£8.00) and the White Gloss Large Candle in a scent inspired by Creed (£16.00). The Fresh Linen scent is fresh and clean but not too bold as I find some versions of this can sometimes be; it’s ideal for popping into your bathroom or toilet. But, the real star of the show for me is the candle scent inspired by Creed. OH. MY. LAWD.


If you haven’t smelt Creed then you absolutely have to, it is the most amazing aftershave I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling and it makes me a little weak at the knees – I honestly think it might be my favourite smell ever! I had mentioned on my Instastories once that I’d popped into John Lewis to get a good old lungful of it as I’d been passing and Katy remembered this so sent me her candle version of it. I was pretty excited but genuinely had no idea that she would have nailed it quite so well – the candle smells so much like the aftershave that it is more or less an exact match; it’s really very impressive! I don’t know how she managed it, but manage it she has and I cannot stop sniffing it!


The candles themselves all come with a wooden wick and have a good burn time on them – the travel candle is approx 30-40 hours and the large candle is around 50-60 hours. Not bad at all!


As well as her range of candles Katy also sells diffusers and wax melts, plus special items which have been designed specifically to aid sleep, and the range of scents available overall is really impressive.


I honestly think Katy has it absolutely spot-on in terms of styling, product range, scent availability and pricing too. I am seriously, seriously blown away!


I’ll definitely be buying some more candles to top up my stocks and – one I’ve sourced a wax burner where the candle is inaccessible to furry paws – I’ll be getting some of her wax melts too because if there is anything I like in life, it’s my house smelling amazing. (Ask Ben, I’m always spritzing and spraying!)


Thank you so much Katy for sending these over to me – I know you sent me these as a friend and not to get a blog post written, but you’ve got something really special here and I think the world needs to know all about your hard work!


Get yourself on the Candles By Katy website pronto and treat yourself to something nice – you won’t regret it!


Edit: I’ve been given a rather nifty little discount code to share with you all that gives you 10% off everything at Candles By Katy! Just enter APENNYFORTHEM at the checkout to redeem!




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