Buying A Winter Coat With JD Williams {AD}

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Bladdy hell, it’s Baltic out there isn’t it? This morning began with bundling myself up in my winter coat and scarf and hiding in the car while Ben scraped thick ice off of all the windows (I could help but… y’know… got a bad leg haven’t I…)


Anyway, with a frost-tipped nose and thoughts of impending hypothermia came the realisation that I should probably buy myself a decent winter coat. The one I have is a few years old and whilst it’s comfy and looks like it’s doing a good job, when that cold wind blows it goes right into my bones and I don’t know if I fancy another few months of that.


Step in JD Williams and their winter coat range of actual dreams. I’ve had a good old browse through their website and, honestly, I’m wondering if layering coats could be a new fashion phase for this year because I definitely need want to buy more than one.



(£95.00, search for ‘Leopard Faux Fur Coat)

There’s no doubt, Bet Lynch would be living her absolute best life at the moment because leopard print is in and it’s everywhere you look. This faux fur jacket looks like putting it on would feel like getting a big warm hug from Sully off of Monsters Inc and, honestly, in this weather I am all for that.



 (£85.00, search for ‘Premium Long Padded Jacket’)

Have I ever seen a coat more perfect for wearing when I go and watch West Ham play? No, I have not. Unless you count the sleeping bag coat that Arsene Wenger used to wear at the sidelines, but I don’t think I’d be able to traverse the stairs at the railway station in that. Deep pockets to sink my hands in, a big fluffy hood to protect my ears – it’s a football-watching winner.


(£200.00, search for ‘Joanna Hope Embroidered Leather Jacket’)

I need it. I want it. It wouldn’t suit me because biker style jackets never do, but I don’t care about that – it’s amazing! Metallic embroidery and studs mean this is literally my dream jacket, however it’s made of real leather, which is a real shame. Make one from pleather please!



(£48.00, search for ‘Vero Moda Curve Mae Faux Leather Jacket’)

Why do I love biker jackets so much when they hate me in return? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve tried these on in the past and just stared at my reflection looking ridiculous. Not that it’ll stop me, I’ll probably still be trying them on when I’m in my 80s… I love the colour of this one, it’s classic styling with a twist and would look great with skinny jeans and black chunky boots. And a Harley Davidson.



(£24.50 – reduced from £49.00 – search for ‘Showerproof Hooded Fit and Flare Trench’)

Yessssssss! Is this meant to be cow print? I don’t know but that’s what I’m calling it and I love cows! This waterproof trench coat is perfect for rainy days when you still want to look your best – a fit and flare shape is an absolute winner on every body shape and I actually desperately want this… In fact I have literally just gone onto the website and bought it after writing that sentence. What can I say? It called to me and I had to answer! Whoops!  (FYI, they do this in leopard print too for anyone that doesn’t want to look like a Fresian)

Note: I haven’t been gifted this jacket, I GENUINELY saw it on the website while I was browsing and bought it out of my own hard earned money because I love it. Not gifted, genuinely wanted.


I’ve never bought anything from JD Williams before – no reason for that in particular, just that it hasn’t ever sprung to mind as somewhere to search, but I’m seriously impressed by the range of products they have! It’s definitely going to become a go-to for me whenever I need to buy myself some new togs; starting off with my very own cow jacket. I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE. I AM EXCITED.




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