Beautiful Flowers From Bloom Magic (Plus Discount Code!) {AD-GIFTED}

I was very kindly gifted with these beautiful flowers. All opinions are, of course, 100% honest and my own.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something about having fresh flowers in the house that makes me feel like I’ve got my life together. Sure I might be behind on the housework because I spent my evening binge watching the latest must-see Netflix Original, but if I’ve got a full vase on the windowsill I feel like I’m winning at life. An illusion of organisation and running a home like clockwork!


Truth be told, it’s not often I have flowers in the house. Supermarket flowers seem to die so quickly that it feels like a frivolous expenditure when I have bills to pay or food to buy, so whenever I have blooms in the house, it feels like a special treat. Pushing the boat out and allowing myself a little bit of colour to balance out the dead and dying houseplants that I struggle to keep alive.


A few weeks ago, having returned home after a 2-week holiday and our engagement, I was sat at my desk at work nursing a severe case of the Back To Work Blues when a surprise delivery arrived to my office door – a bunch of flowers from Bloom Magic. I had actually spoken to their PR team some weeks before, but in true Penny style had totally forgotten about it, so to receive a little treat when I was deep in my post-holiday haze put the biggest smile on my face!



Delivered in the cardboard box (to stop them getting squished in transit) the flowers arrive wrapped in cellophane and with an accompanying ‘hat box’ which, although made of cardboard, is lined with plastic meaning it’s waterproof and can be used as a vase if you don’t have one to hand. I think this is a brilliant idea as scrambling around trying to find a suitable receptacle to place your flowers in when you get them is always a bit of a pain (especially if you’re receiving lots of flowers from people to mark an occasion of some kind).


Having unwrapped my flowers, I was absolutely blown away – they were absolutely stunning! I quickly filled my hat box with water, popped in the plant food, and placed my bouquet in just as it had arrived (it’s already arranged beautifully, so no fiddling about trying to make them look nice, which is great for an uncreative mind like mine). There’s a handy little leaflet inside the box too which advises how best to care for your flowers to get the best from them, so you really can’t go wrong!


When I received my flowers we were in the midst of the beautiful summer heatwave that we had here in the UK, so my flowers struggled a little bit, but with a little care, making sure they had enough water and ensuring they didn’t get singed by the sunlight pouring through the window, they lasted for well over a week – not bad for flowers trying to survive in 30-degree heat! I definitely think they would have lasted longer in normal weather as they were so beautiful and healthy; you could just tell they were really high quality.



The bouquet I received was the S’aimer Sur Le Pont Neuf (part of the Hatbox Flowers Collection) which included roses, lisianthus, gerbera, chrysanthemums, eryngium, veronica, iris, and eryngium thistle. A beautiful, gentle colour palette of pinks, purples and whites.


Aside from their beauty, the thing that really struck me about these flowers was the scent. So often when you buy fresh flowers these days, you find that they barely smell of anything, but these Bloom Magic treasures filled the room with floral notes and the roses in particular were incredible – my colleague kept going over to sniff them because they had such a delicate, balanced, beautiful scent.


I do like to send flowers to loved ones to let them know I’m thinking of them on special occasions or in times of need, and from now on I know I”ll be returning to Bloom Magic as I’m so impressed with what they offer in both terms of quality and pricing – I really can’t fault a single thing about them!


As a special treat, the lovely people at Bloom Magic have given me a discount code so you can buy some flowers for someone you love, or to go ahead and treat yourself (go on, you deserve it!). You can get a very handy 10% off of any bouquet on their website! Just enter PENNY10 at the checkout.


Thank you Bloom Magic for my beautiful flowers, they really brightened my day!




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