The Perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gift – Vinyl Clocks

The Perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gift – Vinyl Clocks

Wedding season is well and truly upon us and my social media feeds are full of people dressed in their finest, sipping champagne and celebrating the love of people they hold dear to them. It’s all a little bit heart-warming to tell you the truth – you’ve got to love love, haven’t you?


Most weddings these days will ask for cash donations towards their honeymoon rather than gifts as a huge proportion of us live with our other halves before we get hitched, which takes the hard work of finding the perfect gift out of our hands, but what about after they’ve been married a while and you’re looking for the ideal anniversary gift? Never fear gang, I’ve got your back!


Traditionally there is a set ‘something’ for each anniversary milestone – paper for the first, cotton for the second etc., but did you know that this list has been updated and there’s now a modern version?


According to Eternity Rose, the anniversary theme for presents has been updated and there’s some new kids on the block when it comes to buying something special for the ones you love – I had no idea but, to be honest, it’s quite a good thing as it gives us a little more to play with in terms of finding a gift with meaning.


First on the list, to celebrate a whole year of marriage, was always deemed as being paper, but on this modern list it’s now a clock and I have got the perfect suggestion for you…



… a clock made from the vinyl record of the happy couple’s first dance. I mean, how perfect is that?!


I’ve actually bought a few of these clocks for people I know, and gifted one to my brother and sister-in-law just after their wedding, once I knew what their first dance was, and it now sits in pride of place on their living room wall. (Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, for anyone that’s interested!)


I always get my vinyl clocks from the same place – a website called Vinyl Clocks, perhaps unsurprisingly – and they always arrive in good time, are well packaged and loved by everyone I’ve given them to. They’re such a personal thing, made practical. (If you don’t know what the first dance is, you can always buy some gift vouchers so they can purchase it themselves after the big day!)



This post isn’t sponsored at all, I just found it mega interesting that there’s a new modern list of themes for anniversary presents, and with clocks being the designated item for a first anniversary, I knew I had the perfect idea to share with you all!


I actually own two Vinyl Clocks myself – “Penny Lover” by Lionel Richie (absolute TUNE) and “The Wonder Of You” by Elvis (obviously). I’m all for supporting small businesses and that becomes even easier when their products are as good as this!


I already know what I want our first dance to be when we get married (Ben isn’t sold on it, but I’ve got a good few years to convince him…) so will have to treat myself to a clock when the time comes – a permanent memory on our wall of a special moment.




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