Sacet – High Quality, Ethical Jewellery {AD-GIFTED}

Sacet very kindly gifted me the item featured in this post.


“Ethical” – it’s the buzz word of the moment, isn’t it? In the past few years you’ll have been hard pushed to miss the awakening of society as a whole as we realise we have been living without care for too long, impacting both this planet of ours and those who live upon it. And with fast fashion being churned out on our High Streets, it makes a pleasant change to find a brand who are working hard to level the playing field and make a difference – step in Sacet, offering high quality jewellery with a conscience.


I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on jewellery; with my collection being mainly made up of cheap High Street items, and my daily worn pieces being the same 7 items: 2 rings, 2 sets of studs and 2 necklaces (all High Street, Etsy or presents). But, I do always promise myself that I will – one day – start investing in jewellery, buying items that are a little more pricey, better quality and will act as something I can hand down, whether to my own children (if I have them) or nieces/nephews/friend’s children.


So, when Sacet contacted me and asked if I would like to choose an item from their range, I was very excited about it – the first item in what I hope will be a collection of pieces that will last me forever and represent myself and my style more than the standard ball studs you find me wearing the majority of the time – and when I logged on to the Sacet website and read about their background and ethics, I was very impressed.


High-priced jewellery is often so not because of the materials used or the people who have made them, but because they’re marked up to increase profit. Sacet, however, wanted to do things differently – they wanted to benefit the craftspeople themselves and keep impact on the planet to an absolute minimum.


On their website you can view the profiles of their craftspeople, telling us what part of the process they are involved in, where they grew up, how they began working in the industry, what their hobbies are and what their dreams are for the future – simple things like earning enough to support their families and enable their children to go to school. The thought that buying a piece of Sacet jewellery directly enhances the lives of these people and enables them to build better futures for themselves is, for me, priceless in itself.


They’re also currently in the process of building a workshop – one which they aim to be the first 100% carbon natural jewellery workshop in the world.


As well as the craftspeople, you can also read about the designers; again putting a face and a story to the name and allowing us to see how we are benefiting them directly, allowing them to make their dreams a reality and earn money doing something they’re truly passionate about.


Add to all of this that they use 100% recycled silver, ethically polished diamonds and gemstones, and eco-friendly packaging in the form of recycled cardboard and paper and 100% cotton jewellery bags.


Having read all of this, Sacet had me sold – all that effort, thought and care, solely focussed on impacting the planet as little as possible and enhancing the lives of those people who work for them; it’s massively commendable and makes me want to shout about them from the rooftops!


But what about the jewellery? Well, having picked out the item I wanted – the Lujia ear climber in silver – I waited excitedly for them to arrive, and when they did, I was very impressed!



Despite being well packaged so as to prevent damage, there was not a single piece of plastic in there, with the padding provided in the form of shredded paper. (Does anyone else get frustrated at the massive amounts of plastic we’re bombarded with in packaging these days?!)


The little card you can see at the back provides you with a code to kick-start your 2 year warranty and also tells you who worked on your piece which is a nice little touch!



Upon opening the box I couldn’t help but let out a little squeak – how dainty and beautiful are these?!



The delicate silver twists and turns, wrapping beautifully around the ear and I love that despite being such softly styled pieces, there’s something a little extra about them, something a little more edgy, which is definitely my kind of thing.


In all honesty, I can’t find a single thing to fault about Sacet and I’m so glad that I’ve been introduced to them. Stunning, unique, designer pieces at reasonable prices (this climber is £45.00) and all with a ethically aware story in the background.


There are so many beautiful pieces on the website and I already have my eye on a few more to add to my collection; I can see Sacet being bad for my bank balance…!


If you want to find out more about Sacet, you can visit their website to read all about how they’re trying to make high quality jewellery both more affordable and more ethical. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, there’s a good chance you might fall in love with them yourself!



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