My Bargain Straighteners – As Good As GHD’s Without Breaking The Bank!


It’s been pretty bloomin’ humid out there recently hasn’t it? When our British summer time decides to bless us with its presence, it usually does so with a heavy helping of mugginess too, meaning the entire population of the country becomes slightly sticky to the touch, wandering around helplessly seeking even the slightest breeze. Is it just me or does anyone else find the heat here much more stifling than abroad?


As well as the delightful stickiness, with the humidity comes the growth of my hair – width-wise, not length – as it takes on behemoth levels of frizz.


Although unmanageable for the most part, I do like to at least attempt to get it under control and will give it a little slather of coconut oil as a mask at the weekend, keeping it simple on weekdays with a slick of serum and a run through with straighteners to try and coax it into behaving. This usually lasts all of about 5 minutes after I step foot outside the front door, but at least I can say I tried…


A few months ago I noticed my straighteners were starting to lose their effectiveness. I’d sit in front of the mirror willing them to straighten my unruly barnet into submission and we’d get there in the end, but it would take a lot longer than it used to. Although I had a pair of GHD’s, I’d had them for 4-years or more and they’d been second-hand when I’d bought them, so they’d definitely had a good innings.


Knowing I would need to replace them before they broke altogether and I had to face the world with my au-naturale unkempt hair, I had a little look online to see how much a replacement pair would cost… and promptly felt my heart drop into my boots. Starting at around £100 for the smaller ones, I couldn’t justify the price when I have a holiday coming up, loved-ones birthdays, friends’ babies being born, and the general cost of living, so I decided to do some research.


Having looked on Amazon I stumbled across the KIPOZI hair straighteners. They had the highest customer rating on the website with 5-stars and they only cost £26. It couldn’t be true, could it?


So, I visited various websites, read up on them and come to the conclusion that with such glowing, positive reviews and at such a low price, it was worth a gamble. If they turned out to be rubbish I could always take them to work and keep the in my drawer in case of any hair-related emergencies.



A few days after ordering they arrived on my door step. Initial thoughts? They looked good, were a little heavier than the GHD’s and felt really sturdy. The joint where the cable meets the body of the straightener itself is good (sometimes with cheap items you can tell where parts join if they’re shoddy) and it had a nice long cable, always a plus point! They did come with a storage bag, however I don’t believe this is heat protected, so is only suitable for storage when the straighteners have cooled down.


The next morning rolled round and it was the moment of truth as I tried them out for the first time.



The result? I love them!


They’re a little heavier than the GHD’s as I said and the back of the tongs themselves get really hot when they’re on so you have to be careful where you put your hands, but honestly, they’re the only complaints I have!



The display on the side shows you the temperature they’re heated to and buttons on the side allow you to adjust these to your preference. The screen gives you a guideline, showing which temperature is suitable for health, normal or damaged hair, allowing you make a decision if you’re unsure what temperature is best for you. I personally use it at around 190 degrees on the day I wash my hair and 180 degrees on the other days, as obviously I colour my hair so it has some damage from that.


I was really genuinely surprised by how good these straighteners are and would honestly say that they deliver the results as my GHD’s ever gave me (before they got old and tired) – and all at a fraction of the price! £26 is a lot kinder on my pocket than £100+ and I’m getting the same results!


Obviously at this point I don’t know what lifespan they will have, but even if they only last me a few years, it’s still a massive saving and I’m more than happy with that.


It’s worth also saying that I haven’t attempted to curl my hair with them yet so I can’t advise how good they are at that, but to be honest, I think if you have a decent set of straighteners, creating curls is all down to the handiwork (something I don’t have in general) so you should be ok styling yourself up using these!


So, if you’re in the market for some new straighteners, whether to replace your own or to keep as a spare or travel set, get yourself over to Amazon and treat yourself to these (Edit: At the time of publishing I’ve noticed these have gone up in price to £29.99, but they’re still a total bargain!)


I am genuinely so chuffed with these and just knew I had to share it with you – gotta pass on those tips, tricks and savings where we can!


Now, go forth and have excellent hair!





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