Getting Holiday Ready With Debenhams {AD-GIFTED}

Debenhams very kindly gifted me with some outfits for my holiday.


In just a few weeks time I will be heading off on my holidays and I’ll be honest with you, I CANNOT WAIT. Although I’m not allowed to sit in the sun anymore (thanks Cancer!) I can’t wait to be in the warmth, listening to the weird cricket-insect things buzzing away in the trees, and feeling myself completely, well and truly, relax.


My body right now isn’t quite what I would want it to be. I won’t go into details because, yawn, I’m so bored of talking about my health, but my daily medication squashes the metabolism and having had a broken leg for 3.5 years I have struggled to walk, let alone do any exercise, so the current Penny is definitely bigger and squishier than I have been before and my confidence has taken a bit of a knock. However, in my new “I’m Gonna Love Myself” mindset, I was determined that this year I was going to stop worrying about the jiggle around my middle or the lines on my thighs, and just be happy – beyond happy – that I am here and able to experience life.


However, with my sunshiney days of fun and frolics ahead, I realised I was seriously lacking in appropriate clothes for the occasion – ie, clothes that fit and make me feel like “me” rather than just acting as a cloak for me to hide behind.


Step in Debenhams and their very kind team who set me up with some new togs to make me feel fabulous as I wander the streets of Crete, eat good Greek food and have my annual sampling of Raki.


Going back in time I would always have been found wearing shorts and a strappy top – as little clothing as was feasible to keep me cool, however, now I have to hide from the sunlight, finding items that would keep me relatively covered whilst being lightweight and loose has been key in my holiday shopping. It’s a difficult thing finding items that will keep me protected and cool and looking presentable, however, these beauties from Debenhams are absolutely perfect – they’re really knocking it out of the park with their range of dress at the moment!


Navy Embroidered Fit & Flare Dress (product code 33678_07583330)

Despite buying this for a holiday, it’s definitely much more than that and I think I’m going to get a lot more wear out of it. The material is quite thick and heavy, so feels great quality, but still seems really breathable so I think it’ll be perfect for eating dinner on the side of the marina, as we watch the sun go down behind the mountains.


Mantary Khaki Lace Trim V-Neck Knee Length Kaftan (product code: 0730112082)
£25.60 (reduced from £32.00)

I absolutely love this dress – ideal for throwing over the top of a bikini/swimming costume for a day spent by the pool or on the beach, and super flattering with its added stretchiness at the waistline. I think the lace detailing adds a little something special to the overall look and makes it much more dressy, meaning it’ll be just as ideal for summer BBQ’s in the garden as it is for trotting around the waterside on holiday.


Red Herring Multi-Coloured Tropical Print Knot Front Dress (product code: 1030302346)
£23.20 (reduced from £29.00)

I am IN LOVE with this dress! I mean, just look at that print – it just screams summertime! The material is a really thin, lightweight cotton and the fit is really flattering – I am so in love with that neckline. This will definitely be worn on the first night of the holiday and then brought out for plenty of occasions in the future too, it’s a definite winner!


White and Navy Tassel Trim Maxi Dress (product code: 33678_06404682)

Lightweight fabric, delicate embroidery, tassels… this dress is perhaps the most holiday dress of all the holiday dresses to ever exist and I love it! The only small down-side to this is that the material is very see-through, so it’s definitely more suited to wearing as a beach dress over a bikini during the day, rather than out for dinner as you can fully see whatever you’re wearing underneath. I really like it though and think it might end up being something I potter around at home in once we’re back from holiday and the warmer months are still nicely bedded in here in the UK.


Dorothy Perkins Rose Renee Knot Wedges (product code: 33678_19136110)

Earlier on this year, I came to the conclusion that the chances of me ever wearing heels again is very slim and so I got rid of every single pair I had, giving them all to my friend to top up her shoe collection. But, aside from a few pairs of flip-flop style sandals from a few years ago, I didn’t really have anything appropriate for a sunshine holiday. A lot of sandals I like tend to have a heel or be wedges, neither of which I’m able to walk in anymore, so when I saw these beauties I just knew I had to have them! A rose pink colour, with ankle strap to stop them falling off, and a knot detailing to the front, these are absolutely perfect for holiday and dainty enough to wear for an evening out having dinner and drinks, as well as to stroll about during the day in. They’re also really comfortable thanks to the soft, almost velvety-feeling material they’re made from.


Dorothy Perkins Rose Gold Floppy Hat (product code: 33678_11237444)
£10.50 (reduced from £15.00)

I never wear hats; they just don’t suit me, however, with me needing to shield every inch of myself from the sun these days, I knew I had to get something to protect my bonce, and when I saw this beauty on the Debenhams website, there was no question that I had to have it. Thankfully, I have to say it doesn’t look awful on me, and it makes me feel very glam – I’ve got notions of me sipping a cocktail on a yacht, my eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses and this beaut sat on my head. Woven throughout is a thin rose gold, sparkly thread, giving it an extra level of glamour and meaning it’s not as same-same as lot of other hats I’ve tried on over the years.


As I’ve said a thousand times in the past, I am definitely not a proper fashion blogger so I couldn’t bring myself to put these on and take photos of me wearing them for this post, but I’ll be sharing them on Instagram while we’re away and putting them into a little round-up post here once we get back. Make sure you’re following me on Insta (@apenny_for_them) and keep an eye out for the post if you want to see me looking massively awkward in front of the lens!


I’m really impressed with these items – not just the style of them, but the quality and the pricing too. I’m so pleased with every single one and I just know they’re going to make me feel like a million dollars when I’m away.


Big thanks to Debenhams for kitting me out for my sunshine week, I’m so grateful!




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