Webbox Natural Pet Food {AD-GIFTED}

We were very kindly sent a box of goodies by Webbox. All opinions remain 100% honest and my own.


We are living in a world now that is much more aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Organic produce is on the rise, veganism has blown up in the past few months (there’s now more vegans in the UK than there are ginger people!) and our understanding of all the additional nasty bits and pieces that find their way into our food and drink is at an all time high. But did you know that a lot of the pet food available on the market is also full of junk? I discovered a few years ago how bad some of the more well-known pet food brand names are when you get down to the nitty gritty and, since then, I’ve actively looked for more health conscious options to feed my menagerie.


One of my newest discoveries is Webbox, a brand creating delicious, nutritious food from natural ingredients. They very kindly sent me some samples from their range to test-drive on my furballs and, my word, did they love them!



The main thing that struck me about these products were the flavours – none of this generic “sea fish” you find from a lot of other brands; these combos sounded like the sort of thing we would happily eat!


The cats were served up chicken in a herb sauce, beef in a cream sauce, or duck in a shiitake mushroom cream sauce, while the dog happily chowed down on her natural snack bars with flavours including chicken with pea and blueberry, lamb with sweet potato and mint, and chicken with duck and cranberry. No wonder they devoured it all so quickly!


(The look of concentration as she waits to be told she can eat it!)


In terms of pricing, Webbox pet food is a little more expensive than the average supermarket brand, but it’s isn’t bank-bustingly high cost and I’m inclined to think it’s worth spending more to ensure your pet is getting the best.



Although all the photos here are of Poppy, the cats also absolutely loved the food – so much so that I couldn’t get a single shot of them eating as both heads were firmly in the bowls and they didn’t come up for air until they had finished! They particularly loved the creamy sauce and went absolutely crazy for it, screaming at us to pour it into their bowls faster!


We will definitely be restocking our cupboard with Webbox as it was really clear to see that all three of them loved it and it feels good for us to know that we are feeding them healthy food that tastes good as well – it’s a win win situation for all of us!


If you’re interested to try some Webbox for yourself, you can take a look at their website where their full range of dog and cat products – plus fish food for any of you aquatic fans – is available to buy online.


Thanks Webbox for sending over this box of goodies for us, it went down a storm and you have a new household of fans right here!



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