Life Lately (February & March 2018)

Life Lately  (February & March 2018)


I’m sitting here, on the comfiest part of the sofa, rain tapping on the windows, the animals sleeping around me and Ben watching (seemingly endless) sport on the TV. It’s a classic sleepy Sunday at home, full of cosiness and quiet. I’ve just devoured a crisp sandwich (salt and vinegar – the true champion) and I thought it was a prime opportunity for me to sit down and get some blogging done.


It’s been a couple of months since I last done a little life update on here. As I mentioned in my last post, I took a step back from social media and blogging as it was starting to bring me down. In fact, I’m not entirely sure if I really consider myself ‘a blogger’ anymore, I’m just somebody-who-has-a-blog. But, I want to continue to save our memories for us to look back on in the future and writing has always been one of my sanctuaries in this crazy world, so I think even if it’s at a lesser rate than it used to be, this blog will continue to live in some form or another. A personal diary, capturing my story and thoughts.


So, what have I been up to since I last chatted to you? Somehow everything and not a lot all at the same time – we’re always busy but when I looked back through my photos and calendar, I was left wondering where the time has gone!


Let’s start with the time I’ve taken out from being online – honestly, it’s been really good for me and I feel like I’ve reached a new level of contentment and self-love. Or perhaps the contentment and self-love is what has meant I don’t want to be online all the time? I don’t know, it could be either or both, but whatever has happened, I find myself in a place now that I’ve never been before. I no longer look in the mirror and despise what I see – sure, it’s not my ideal, but this body of mine is a miracle – as is yours – and the fact that it’s even here, allowing me to breathe and think and move and feel is one of natures wonders and I think it’s important for us to remember that.


I’ve been reading more too, downloading books onto the Kindle app on my phone and losing myself in words during my commute, or whilst snuggled on the sofa with the animals and a cup of tea. There’s just something so relaxing about settling down with a good book. Currently I’m reading a true crime book which is one of the best I’ve ever read (I’ll tell you more about that in my I’ve Been Loving…’ post later this week but honestly, it’s so interesting!)



Back in February we went away for a weekend to Hythe where we hired the cutest little AirBnB cottage. It was such a perfect little home from home, with its tiny rooms, low doorways and log burner fire that we found ourselves opting to stay in and cook instead of going out into the local town for dinner. Whilst we were there we did Alpaca Trekking which was a lot of fun; I’ll be writing a dedicated post about that soon too as it is definitely worth booking, I 100% recommend it!



For Ben’s birthday I bought him a whisky tasting experience as I did one with work a few years ago and it was really interesting and a lot of fun. The one I booked for him was at The Paul Hotel in Kensington and, sadly, it was awful! Upon arrival we were sat down at a table and given 5 glasses of whisky along with a plate holding shortbread, chocolate truffles and some cheese. Then the staff walked off and left us. We weren’t even given the names of the whisky so Ben had to go over to the bar and take a photo of the bottles they had been poured from! Even a sheet of paper with the names and distillery locations on would have been enough, but as it was, I paid all that money just to sit in the corner of a restaurant and have a drink. I was really disappointed so will definitely be looking for an alternative whisky tasting experience somewhere else for the future.



One of the best nights out I had recently was when I went to see Internationally claimed Elvis impersonator, Ben Portsmouth. You can tell how long he has spent studying Elvis because he has absolutely nailed the performance – he sounds like him, he looks like him and he even moves like him. I didn’t stop grinning the whole way through the show, danced in my seat and sang at the top of my lungs. I’ll definitely go and see him again if he tours near me; he’s the nearest I’ll ever get to the real thing, that’s for sure!



Recently we celebrated 3-years of having Poppy – it’s strange; it feels like yesterday that I brought her home, but also like she’s always been a part of my life. She’s got her issues, as we all know, and sometimes she drives me to distraction, but those moments are few and far between now – our life is filled with cuddles, licks, playing, and naps together. I honestly love this pooch so much that it makes my heart hurt, she’s my little furry soul mate and my life is so much better for having her in it.



In more strange news, having wanted to do it for ages, a few weeks ago I went and got a double Helix piercing. I was so happy with it but within a few days I realised something wasn’t right – my ear was swollen and getting bigger all the time, it was bright red, so sore I couldn’t even have my hair touching it, and I’d started to feel really unwell – headache, feeling sick, dizziness, aching all over, nearly fainting, and sweat literally running down me like water (attractive, I know). Having spoken to a doctor I was told I had to go to A&E as they thought I might have sepsis! I was pretty sure I didn’t, but they said I should get checked just to be sure as it’s not an illness you can afford to ignore. Anyway, to cut a long story short, thankfully it wasn’t sepsis but they believe I had an allergic reaction to the metal using in the piercing and from that I had got a bad infection which is why I felt so poorly. I ended up having to have the piercings cut out and going home with a double dose of antibiotics. I think I’ll stick to sports cars and toyboys when I have a midlife crisis…


Staying on a medical note, back in 2014 I did the Shine Walk for Cancer Research and injured my knee. In the 3 years since then I have spoken to doctors several times and seen different physios who all told me there was nothing wrong and, more or less, made me feel like I was making it up. Over time the pain has got worse and worse, to the point where I’m in intense pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It became so bad that Ben told me to use our private health insurance to see somebody and see if I could get any further help. A few physio sessions, a meeting with a consultant, an ultrasound and an MRI scan and FINALLY I have my answers! My knee cap bone is bruised, I have damaged to two parts of the cartilage, and one of the bones within the knee joint is broken and hasn’t been able to heal as obviously I use it every day and it’s under constant pressure. For the past 3 years – whilst I’ve been told there’s nothing wrong with me – I’ve been walking around on a broken bone and 3 other injuries! The next step for me now is surgery, then 4-6 weeks of rest, then rehabilitation physio after that. To be completely honest, I am buzzing about it; I am SO happy! All that time I spent fighting for somebody to listen to me and, at last, I’ve got to where I wanted to be and¬†they think that the surgery will mean I can live a life without pain again – something I never thought would happen, I fully thought I would end up having to live with this for the rest of my life! I’ve just got to wait now for contact from the hospital to tell me when they want me to go in and then the next chapter of this saga can begin. I can’t believe I’ll be able to walk normally, bend down to tie my laces without being in agony, and I’ll be able to exercise again! I’m so excited!


It’s been a good couple of months so far and we have so many plans for the rest of the year – I feel like I have so much to look forward to! We don’t know quite how it’s happened but we somehow have lots of plans for the year ahead and our calendar is already booking up with things I just know are going to create great memories.


I’ve got a few things I want to tell you about in the coming weeks – including items I’ve reviewed – but this blog is definitely going to take on a more personal tone this year and going forward, a diary of my life and everything in it; I think that’s where my heart lies now.





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