Life Lately (April 2018)


It’s a cliche, I know, but how on earth is it May tomorrow?! And, more importantly, why does it still feel like bloomin’ winter? As I sit here now, it’s grey and cold and wet and definitely doesn’t feel like the midst of Spring. I’m ready for balmy summer days seeking respite in front of the fridge and frantically waving anything in front of my face that might create a cooling draft!


As I write this now, I’m on a day off from work. Having cracked my tooth on a Dorito (I know, how?!) I went to the dentist last week and was told it couldn’t be saved and would need to be extracted. After 1 hour and 20 minutes in the chair with the dentist hanging off my face trying to get that cracked molar out (it was horrendous – he was sweating and had to keep taking breaks because he was so tired) I found myself in hospital on Saturday night with a bad infection. My face was swollen, I felt sick, I was physically shaking so much I couldn’t hold a mug of tea in one hand, and I couldn’t see properly. The hospital ran tests and my blood pressure was up, I had a temperature and I was slightly tachycardic, so they gave me a double dose of antibiotics and told me to get myself back to the dentist ASAP.


Needless to say I didn’t feel like returning to the previous dentist, so I booked an emergency appointment with another surgery today who took some x-rays and found that the extraction had been completely bodged – there are three parts of tooth that broke off and are still stuck within my gum, one of which has worked up and caused an infection to take hold in my sinuses too! The long and short of it is that I am being referred for surgery so they can access the space and remove the embedded parts of tooth left behind. Not good.


Staying on a medical note before I move on to anything else, after all my excitement last month that I was finally going to get the surgery for my broken knee bone, my private health insurance provider screwed me right over. Going to renew my policy with them, they increased the monthly payments from £60.00 to £536.00. FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX POUNDS. A MONTH!! Needless to say I can’t afford that so had to cancel my policy. My consultant was brilliant though and has helped me to get an NHS referral so now I’m back at the beginning of the process and waiting to see someone to try and get the surgery I need.


Honestly, I’m exhausted with all of this. Since my Cancer diagnosis in January 2017 it seems to have been a non-stop round of visits to doctors and hospitals with various parts of my body going wrong. I know I have it really lucky compared to a lot of people, but I’m just so fed up. I’ve also had comments from others about the fact I seem to have had so many things gone wrong with me and it makes me feel terrible – like I’m a burden or they don’t believe me. It’s stupid really, I know it is, but to be made to feel guilty when you’ve been unwell is really shit and definitely brings you down. I need to shake off the comments really and just focus on getting myself back in full working order.


On a happier note and aside from all of that rubbish, April was a pretty good month, albeit passing in the blink of an eye!



We had a few brief glimpses of warmer weather and it felt so good to be able to wear lighter jackets and spend more time outdoors without turning into a human ice cube!



At the beginning of the month we had a very fun day as my brother, sister and I took my Dad abroad for his first time in over 40 years! It started with an early morning start, on the road before 6am, and a quick hop across the channel to France where we visited Dunkirk, before driving on to Belgium to visit Flanders and the surrounding areas. We visited the Tyne Cot war graves, which is where the above photo was taken, and it was a really moving experience. There are thousands and thousands of graves of those soldiers who fell in the immediate locality, then a huge wall engraved with the names of those who fell but were never recovered. So many lives lost, so many graves without names, and so many names without graves.



I actually fell a little bit in love with the snippets of Belgium that I saw, so Ben and I are planning to spend a few days there next year – Bruges is top of my list!



Having got bored of the red hair and feeling like I needed a change (plus majorly missing being a ginge!) I got my hair done and I’m now rocking this awesome shade! Red isn’t the easiest colour to remove so not all of it came out, but in actuality I’m really pleased about that as it’s left me with hair like fire – different tones run throughout it and it seems like it changes depending what light I’m in. I’m genuinely so happy with it and feel like this colour is very me – I’m a natural ginger and a Leo, so now my hair matches the fire that runs through me!




Last weekend Ben and I spent a few days in Devon. We hired a caravan in a holiday park and spent our days being tourists and our evenings eating good food, drinking good wine and making the most of the time we had together.



The first two days we were there we had beautiful sunshine and the Saturday was spent exploring Clovelly, a beautiful old fisherman’s village which is still more or less as it would have been 100 years ago or more. It’s really steep and I had to take a few breaks walking back up the hill, but it’s a stunning place to visit and I definitely recommend it. I’ll write more about that in the coming weeks (I have so many blog posts I need to write to catch up!) but we spent a happy half an hour or so sat on the sea wall with a glass of wine/pint of beer, just watching the world go by.


All in all, April was a really good month spent with friends and family, making the most of my downtime outside of the office.


I’m hopeful that May will see me having a little more time to sit down and write about some of the places we’ve been and the things we’ve done in the past few months – all those memories I want to capture, and there’s so many of them! Our stay at The Savoy, our weekend in Devon, our afternoon spent with Alpacas, plus a few additional bits and pieces like places we’ve been to eat and updates on how I’m feeling now I’m veggie, plus some of the self care tips I’ve been practising this year that have made a huge difference to my general well-being. I also have some brilliant products I’ve been using, plus books, films and TV programmes that I want to recommend as I’ve found some absolute blinders!


Back soon…!




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