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Personalised Gift Wrap from Pretty Gifted  <font size="3">{AD-GIFTED}</font>

I was sent a sheet of personalised wrapping paper for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


February is upon us – the month of love. Everywhere we turn for the first 14 of these 28 days our eyes will be bombarded with images of hearts, teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, champagne and all those extra bits and pieces we treat ourselves to if we’re indulging in a little bit of Adult Fun Time.


Personally, I don’t go in for the whole Valentines thing and I never really have. My first boyfriend made me ride a 40-minute bus journey to his house to get my present (he had a motorbike but couldn’t be bothered to drive to me) and when I got there I was presented with a mug. A MUG. Pretty appropriate as that’s exactly what I felt like. (Read about that car crash of a relationship here – it’s bloody juicy I tell ya).


From that disappointment followed another few years of the same – a ring from one ex presented to me half an hour after I found him with a half naked girl (who I knew), a bunch of flowers handed to me by one bloke who had bought them for another girl but she wasn’t home, so he gave them to me… Y’know, a track record like that sorta kills the romantic vibes after a while!


Nowadays, honestly, Valentines Day just isn’t for me and I would genuinely hate it if Ben spent any money on it – I just don’t get the hype. My idea of romance is handing me a cup of freshly brewed tea while there’s a true crime documentary on the TV – embracing the things I love is the quickest way to my heart, for sure.


But, I know I’m in the minority when it comes to this special day of the year and for a lot of couples it’s a great way for them to splash out and show each other how much they care, and I think that’s genuinely lovely!


So, for those of you that are celebrating this Valentines Day, I’ve got a little recommendation to help you add an extra special little touch to your gift – personalised wrapping paper!


Personalised Gift Wrap A Penny For Them


I’ve bodged up personalised gift wrap myself before, using embarrassing photos stolen from Facebook or pasting on a photo of their favourite celebrity, but if you’re looking for something a little more professional and polished, Pretty Gifted can help you out.


Via their website you can design your own paper, choosing the colours, font and wording you want, to create something unique and meaningful for you and that special person in your life. Once you place your order, it goes to print and your wrapping paper is sent to your door just a few days later – so simple!


The gift wrap itself is really good quality with a decent thickness so you don’t have to worry about it ripping too easily if your gift has corners, and it’s delivered in a long thin box ensuring it’s in perfect condition when you get it with no unsightly creases or folds.


At £7.95 for one sheet it is fairly expensive and you probably wouldn’t be looking to use it for every gift you buy next Christmas, but if you want to go that extra mile to make someone smile, then this will be a great little surprise for them.


Whether you’re celebrating Valentines, Palentines or Galentines this year (or none of the above if you’re an old cynic like me) I hope you have a brilliant day – and remember – we aren’t validated by being in a relationship; we’re just as badass when we’re living that single life.





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