Sharing The Love: My Favourite Blog Posts Of January

Sharing The Love: My Favourite Blog Posts Of January


With the end of another month comes another update from me, sharing the blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading most in the preceding weeks, and my list for January has some real good’uns!


Leah – The Reality Of Being A Blogger While Working A Full Time Job
I loved this post from Leah and she absolutely hits the nail on the head. I blog much more lazily these days, but back in the days when I was writing content regularly (daily!) I was hustling hard, but, having a full-time job meant I was often missing out on opportunities. Having to turn down invitations or not being able to respond to people as quickly as they wanted left me feeling like I was failing and I was forever battling ‘The Fear’ as I worried all the sorry-I-can’t-make-it’s made it seem I wasn’t interested when, in fact, I was.
These days, as I said, I blog much more lazily and have (almost) stopped putting pressure on myself, but Leah is an absolute powerhouse of a woman, managing to run her own business plus her blog and all that comes with it (photography, content creation, admin, social) plus she holds down a social life, goes to the gym  and runs a home (all whilst looking 10/10 at all times). This post highlights all of the worries that come with trying to maintain your online reputation whilst having to get on with real life too; it’s so refreshing and I found myself nodding the whole way through.


Dawn – You Are Enough
You might as well get used to the fact that Dawn will always be featured in my monthly round-ups, but I love her writing, what can I say? She always manages to hit me right in the feels and get my brain ticking over.
This particular post is about the realisation she has had recently that we are all very much shaped by the people we have around us when we are growing up and, in that sense, her behaviour and attitude will directly affect her daughter’s way of seeing the world. It’s easy to forget that the children in our lives are looking to us for guidance as to how to grow into the person they will become and I find Dawn’s point interesting; that if we are kinder to ourselves, perhaps we can stop our insecurities being passed on to our younger generations? Definitely a post worth reading, whether you have children or not.


Grace – (any of her Australian posts, to be honest) 
This is a bit of a cheat because I’m not directing you to one particular post, but rather to a series of them that Grace wrote while she was visiting her family and friends in Australia at the end of last year. Rather than structuring them as a traditional travel post, writing about the country and where she had been, she wrote about people she had met, experiences she had while she was there, and feelings she experienced. The posts were such a whimsical, meaningful way of documenting her time there and I, for one, loved spending a few minutes inside her mind, peeking at her memories.


Vix – Chivalry Is Dead: The 4 Outdated Dating Traditions That Need To Die Too
Last week I was commuting home when I went to hop on the train and a man – who had been there before me – stepped back to let me through the door first. I settled down in my seat and got to thinking about the balance of equality against chivalry (“ladies first”) and how that stands at the current time with the (well overdue) wave of change that is coming, as women step forward to be counted and treated the same as their male counterparts in society. Just a day later, Vix published this post and it said everything I had been thinking and so much more more. Can women really expect to be treated as delicate, needier beings who need looking after and as equal at the same time? This is a post that everybody should read and that, if I had children, I would be sitting down to read to them too.


Danielle – The Importance Of Staying In Your Own Lane 
I am a big fan of Danielle and have been for a long time now – if you haven’t heard of her then you need to rectify that immediately! Although a lot of her content is quite fashion based which isn’t my genre of choice to go to, this post is right up my street, being more lifestyle (her personality is what I follow her for), and focuses on a topic that is close to my heart: self comparison. But, as the old saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy” and honestly, wherever you go you will always find somebody better, it’s just the way of the world and the human psyche. All we can do is to do our best and, as long as we are doing that, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.


Luisa – Modelling For Hello Kitty & Primark 
Luisa is one of those people I’ve followed through blogging and social media for absolutely yonks now but have never actually met (see point above about me never managing to go to blogging events) but I think she’s bloody ace, so when I saw that she was modelling in the Hello Kitty x Primark collaboration campaign I was over the moon for her! It’s always good to see deserving people doing well!


January has been an absolutely sterling month for me when it comes to blog reading and if this is what the rest of the year has in store I’ll be a happy girl, especially now I’m fully back into the swing of reading on a daily basis!


I’m always looking for new blogs to follow so if you know of any awesome lifestyle focussed ones out there that you think I need to get involved with, leave me the details in the comments below, or drop me a tweet (@apenny_for_them).





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