20 Instagram Accounts (With Under 10k Followers) I Love

20 Instagram Accounts (With Under 10k Followers) I Love


Last night, in the Blogosphere realm of Twitter, it all kicked off. I missed out on it all at the time because I was laid on my sofa binge-watching Designated Survivor (which, incidentally, you all need to watch cos it’s bloody brilliant), however, when I logged on to Twitter this morning whilst chowing down on my breakfast, I caught up with the drama and, yet again, rolled my eyes as one of the Usual Suspects caused upset in the blogging world.


Every year a well-known publication (who consistently post articles slating the blogging industry, FYI) hold a Blogger/Influencer Awards and, without fail, every year their announcement of these awards have people throwing their hands in the air in fits of rage as it becomes clear they’ve done it again.


In this years’ bullshit move, the said publication have announced that their Influencer Awards is only open to those with 10,000 or more followers on Instagram/subscribers on YouTube. Real or fake, it doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you’re over that golden 10k figure.


Now, I don’t particularly want to name the publication because, as a repeat offender when it come to the disregarding and disrespecting of bloggers, I don’t think they deserve another online pointer to them, but I will tell you that their name begins with ‘C’ and rhymes with ‘Osmo’. I’m sure you can do your own detective work from there.


So, what’s wrong with them setting a lower limit of followers/subscribers of 10k? Well, quite simply, it is making these awards yet another popularity content – an issue that has arisen with their awards in the past, more than once. By setting this boundary line it means that newer bloggers or those that have a smaller following have no option to get involved, as the gates are only open to those who already have a strong ‘fan base’. It’s a cut and dry example of “If you’re not popular, you can’t sit with us” and I have zero time for that sort of attitude.


Some of my favourite content creators online – whether because of their imagery or their words – have smaller followings, but that doesn’t make what they do any less valid. It doesn’t mean they’re not creating high-quality work, making a difference or brightening people’s lives. But, this awards disregards them as being unworthy.


Who cares whether they’re posting beautiful photos, making important videos, or weaving magic with their words, if they aren’t one of the ‘cool kids’ Osmo with a ‘C’ aren’t interested.


So, in the interest of balancing the scales, today I’m shouting out my favourite Instagram accounts with under 10,000 followers.


And to those of you out there that have been left feeling bruised and like you’re not good enough because of this short-sightedness, let me say this:


Numbers mean nothing.
Creativity and integrity mean everything.
Keep doing you – you’re your own unique selling point and that is more than enough.



Chock full of her adventures as she visits new places and eats delicious food, I know how much effort Haydy puts into her Instagram feed to curate it to perfection!


A cat-loving, coffee-drinking, sex-positive, highly talented wordsmith, there’s something about Grace that I find almost ethereal. She’s an old soul and her feed reflects her deep connection to the world and all those living things upon it.


From her nights out sampling good food and even better gin, to her weekend escapades exploring the Lochs and abandoned buildings of Scotland, right down to the cosy times spent at home with her daughter, this sassy mama’s feed is the epitome of the lifestyle genre and allows us a little peek into her world.


Beth’s talent with make-up never fails to amaze me. Self-taught, she can create beautiful every day looks, something more glitzy for a night out, or costume looks that are more extreme but no less staggering in their skill.


Daily photos with witty captions and little updates on her life, Vix’s feed shows us her personal style, new home decor and escapades around London. I know she has been working really hard on her Instagram content recently and her feed is looking brilliant!


Jess is living the dream having taken the bull by the horns and relocated to the Scottish Highlands with her husband and their dog, Lucy. Working in a Forest School, she spends most of her time outside and so her feed has a real nature-focus to it. As someone who has always wanted to visit the Highlands, I find this feed absolutely dream-worthy.


Documenting her everyday life as a mother of two girls, Sarah keeps things real and never tries to sugar-coat anything. I love how often she changes her look too – she’s the same as me and gets bored easily!


Always full of colour and beauty, Laila’s feed follows her every day life – one in which she’s always on the go. Currently she’s journeying around Japan and I’m loving her updates!


The ultimate earth-motherly, spiritually-attuned babe, Ashleigh is also the mother of two gorgeous children and owner of two lovely kitties. I find her really inspiring and educational too, with her posts encouraging me to learn more about myself and the world around me.


A professional make-up artist, Maryam creates beautiful looks on both herself and others. I am forever wondering just HOW she manages to get such sharp eyeliner! In between the make-up looks there are also a few personal posts thrown in, as well as fashion looks, and these are well worth the follow too.


When I was making this list I fully believed Erica had more than 10k followers and – honestly – I don’t know how she hasn’t! Her feed is so beautiful and well-themed; I know how incredibly hard she must work to have an account this well curated.


I am shouting it from the rooftops now – this account needs more followers! Focussing on her home visually but with captions relating to her everyday life, I am forever floored by how beautiful this account is – it’s stunning!


Following Ashleigh’s every day life this account showcases what makes her, well, her. From outfits to exercise, her lovely chocolate labrador to night outs eating good food, it’s all dealt with a dose of realism and sass.


You need to follow Davey for the captions alone; they never fail to make me laugh! Recently he relocated to Liverpool so his feed has been following that change of circumstance and his new adventures back up North.


Beth doesn’t post very often but when she does her photos are always lovely – little snippets of life featuring her cat, days out and her jaunts into London for work. She’s also an A* example of a human being.


Photos from her volunteering at an animal sanctuary means ALL the cute animals photos, also thrown in with some vegan living, fashion, body positivity and nights out, all served up with her killer sense of humour!


Thanks to Stacey, I am now desperate to visit Dubai! Living out there and working in a high-level finance job (ultimate girl boss right here!) she shares her daily life with us, visiting some stunning places to eat and drink, as well as spending time at home with her three lovely cats. I always make sure I watch her Instastories as it feels like catching up with an old friend.


Although beauty products aren’t my thing I still have eyes in my head and can see how beautifully put together Nikki’s account is. However, it’s her Instastories that have got her on this list because she never fails to make me laugh. Sweary, blunt and funny, she’s right up my street!


I might be a bit biased but you should all be following Candy as not only is she a dopey, sweet and loving greyhound, but she’s also my little furry niece as she belongs to my brother and sister-in-law. An ex-racer, they rescued her about 2-years ago and she’s been a big part of our family (as all our pets are) since day one. Worth a follow if only for the faces she makes when she’s asleep!


It me! My photos are pretty poor, I post sporadically and I forget to use Instastories for the most part, but I am what I am…


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an old hat in the world of online content creation – be that blogging, YouTube, Instagram or any of the many other social channels we have access to these days – don’t let occurrences like this dishearten you. You are not the value of your follower count; you are so much more than that.







  1. February 15, 2018 / 3:53 pm

    I had no idea of the whole C-‘osmo’ thing either till I read a little more, really makes the awards they have given out in the past utterly worthless. Totally agree that there are loads of accounts out there that are worth a follow that have nowhere near the magic number following them.

    • Penny
      February 15, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      It’s definitely really unfair and stops those who are yet to be ‘discovered’ (so to speak) from growing further. These awards *could* act as a great platform to celebrate lesser-known or new creators, but instead they’ve taken it the other direction. It’s really sad. x

  2. February 16, 2018 / 10:46 am

    So many of my favorites are here on this list! Xx


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