Desperately Seeking Love (For Flat Shoes!)

Desperately Seeking Love (For Flat Shoes!)


Shoes have always been a weakness of mine. The old version of me would spend inordinate amounts of money on footwear that – in some cases, ashamedly – I only wore once or twice. I was reckless with money (hence getting into crippling debt) but, my word, did my feet look good when I hit the town!


For me, my shoes of choice were heels – always, always heels – and the higher the better. I drove in heels. I worked in heels. I went shopping in heels. I drank in pubs and bars in heels. There were only a few pairs of flat shoes in my collection and I rarely ever wore them.


Heels were my thing. On nights out people would always cast their eyes down to see my latest beauties and compliments would follow along with a declaration of “How do you walk in them?!” They were a big part of my identity and almost like a comfort blanket for me – when I had my heels on I felt put-together, ready, capable. I wasn’t me if I wasn’t wearing my sky-scrapers.


Then, back in September 2014, whilst in the midst of training for a charity walk of 31 miles, I felt something ping inside my knee, and, over the course of the past 3.5 years, it’s gradually got worse. I’ve seen NHS physios who haven’t been able to help me and now, finding myself in constant breath-stealing, body-breaking pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I’ve begun a journey with a private hospital, physio and consultant in an effort to try and mend me.


Because of this situation I find myself in I’ve had to kiss goodbye to wearing heels. In the past year I have attempted it twice, donning them for friends’ weddings and both time I regretted it as the following day was spent in unbearable pain, unable to even stand up properly. It’s horrible.


As someone who felt a lot of my identity was built around wearing heels, making the transition to flat shoes hasn’t been easy. I’ve struggled to adjust my mindset to find them attractive, battling with myself internally as I try and persuade myself that they can look good worn for special occasions like weddings or nights out with friends.



A few weeks ago I was approached by Footway and offered some shoes from their range and, to be honest, it felt like the perfect opportunity to challenge the way of thinking I’ve carried with me for so long, and to prove to myself that flat shoes aren’t frumpy or boring or plain; they’re just different to what I’ve always been used to.


Having visited the Footway website, the first thing I will say is that it was an absolute joy to find that they have a dedicated section for flat shoes, meaning I didn’t have to scroll past all the-shoes-I-could-be-wearing in order to find the ones that I can. The other thing that struck me was the vast range of brands, styles and price bands available – with such a wide variety there had to be at least one or two pairs that would take my fancy, right?


Right! In fact, I struggled to whittle down the ones I liked and had to fill my basket up then spend a good while deliberating until I found the ones I felt I could definitely make regulars in my outfits. Here’s what I opted for…


Footway Flat Shoes A Penny For Them Duffy Leopard


Duffy leopard print flatforms – £19.00

I call these ‘flatforms’ but I don’t know if they actually properly fit within that description, however, the sole is a lot thicker than on normal plimsolls so that’s what I’m going to call them! I chose these because they look so adaptable for everyday wear, easy to chuck on with jeans or to team with a little dress for a more quirky look. I can see myself wearing these all the time!


Footway Flat Shoes A Penny For Them Friis and Company


Friis and Company ballet shoes – £41.00 (reduced from £59.00)

Another pair of adaptable shoes, I bought these with work in mind as they will be perfect for when the weather warms up a bit and I don’t have to wear boots and big socks all the time! Again, perfectly wearable with both jeans and dresses, I love the added detailing as it’s subtle enough not to detract from the rest of your outfit but still manages to stop these shoes being boring, something that is a big factor for me.


Duffy over-knee boots – £45.00

I’m majorly late to the party on over-knee boots as everyone else seems to have been wearing them for ages, but finally I’ve taken the plunge and ordered these. My thinking is that these will be ideal for wearing with dresses (like this beauty from River Island) on nights out, or when Ben and I decide to have one of our traditional London Date Days.


It’s funny how something as simple as the clothes or shoes we wear can have such a big impact on the way we feel about ourselves. I can’t wait to try out some new outfits with these three newbies in my shoe cupboard and see if they can make me feel more like me on a night out again!


My hope is that now I’m getting more dedicated medical care I’ll be able to wear heels again one day in the future, but thanks to Footway and their amazing range, I can definitely say it’s not the end of the world if I can’t – flats don’t have to be boring!


I’ll update you on how I’m getting on once these have arrived and might even be a proper FASHUN BLOGGER and show you how I’ve been styling them up – prepare yourself for a delightful range of photos of me looking massively awkward!


If you’re confused about sizing when buying online, this handy shoe size conversion chart should help you out!







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  1. February 27, 2018 / 8:55 am

    I do love a pair of heels, especially when dressing up for a night out but I am far, far happier in a pair of Converse or flip flops.

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