The Dress Of Dreams & Ditching The Jeans!

The Dress Of Dreams & Ditching The Jeans!


It’s not often you’ll find me wearing a dress. I am, generally, much more comfortable in jeans (when I’m outside the house), comfy sloggy leggings or joggers when I’m at home, or, if I’m feeling particularly fancy on a night out, you might find me squeezing myself into a pair of leather-look trews for a little bit extra pazzazz.


As I’m not the most elegant of beings, wearing a dress is something I tend to save for events where I’m going to be a little more reserved – not that you’ll ever find me dancing on the bar, but I’m a leg-curler, building a little nest with my feet under me wherever I find myself sat, and in an effort to find maximum levels of comfort, dresses don’t always work.


That said, my wardrobe is full of dresses because I am ‘She Who Is Full Of Intentions’ and I’m forever promising myself that “If I buy this dress I will definitely wear it” only for it to languish with all the others I’ve bought and never once stepped out the door in.


But, this is The Year Of The Shit (getting it together, giving less of it and taking none of it) and I’ve decided that I’m going to wear more of the things I own, stop saving them for best and step more out of my comfort zone when it comes to what I wear. Mix it up, keep it fresh, surprise myself and expand my horizons in every possible sense, fashion included.


So, when River Island very kindly offered to send me something as a gift and shortly after I arranged dinner and a night out with friends we haven’t seen for ages, it was like the stars had aligned. The perfect opportunity for me to twirl and whirl in my new favourite dress.


Now, let it be said before we go any further, I am not a fashion blogger, but I need to tell you about this dress because MY GOD it makes me feel like a million dollars!


Ah yes, the good old toilet selfie…


I am literally head over heels in love with this dress. HEAD. OVER. HEELS. The shape is perfect for me – being a classic potato – as it falls nicely on my sides without highlighting the many lumps and bumps I don’t want people to see. A small tie-belt around the waist gives an illusion of shape and the neckline is the perfect drop; low enough to feel a little bit special but not so low that you spend the entire night wondering if The Mitchell Brothers are giving anyone the eye.



The material is an absolute dream, being devore it’s velvety and soft, and I kept finding myself touching it whilst lost in conversation. It’s really very beautiful.



The top half of the dress has an amazing sleeve/cape combo type thing and I honestly feel like every dress I own from now on has to have this too. It adds shape, looks a little bit out of the ordinary and does the ol’ bingo wings a world of favours!


In terms of footwear, I paired these with my black ankle length sock boots from LOTD, an old cross-body pink suede box bag from New Look, and an old statement necklace from Marks and Spencer.


You can buy this dress (this particular print is limited edition so hurry!) on the River Island website here and it’s also available in two other colours; pink and a dark yellow, the latter of which I think I’m going to have to treat myself to because I’m a big fan of mustard right now!


I would suggest getting used to seeing this dress on my social timelines, in blog posts and in person (for anyone that knows me ‘in real life’) because I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing it at every single opportunity I get from now on!


Could it be that at the grand old age of 32 I’m finally finding out what my personal fashion style is? We’ll see…





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