Getting Christmas-Ready With Homesense {AD-GIFTED}

Homesense very kindly gave me a gift card so I could treat myself to some Christmas goodies. All opinions remain 100% honest and my own.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate than spending a happy hour trawling the shelves of what I consider to be the most wonderful shop on the High Street?


This past week I have been suffering with some sort of behemoth of a cold virus. My voice reduced to nothing but a squeak, my throat felt like there was a tiny little Samurai in there going to town with his blade, and I’ve been barking out a cough that sounds a lot like an angry donkey. All in all, I’ve not been a very well person. I cancelled the plans I had for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enable me to take 15,000 naps instead, but there was one thing I wasn’t going to miss and that was a trip to Homesense to look at what festive goodies they had in stock and grab me some Christmas essentials!


This year, Ben and I are having my Dad over on Christmas Day. It’s going to be a year of firsts as it’s the first Christmas Ben and I have spent the whole day together (he goes to his family and I stay with my Dad usually) and it will be the first time I’ve cooked a whole turkey. Before I’ve always got a crown, but this year there was a problem with my Tesco order and they substituted a crown for a whole bird. Eek!


Being as we are going to be at home and hosting, I thought it was a pretty good excuse to spend time in my favourite shop and switch to Homewares Magpie mode as I spent the precious gift voucher I held in my grubby little mitts.


Before I show you what we decided to buy in the end (after many laps of the shop with Ben trailing behind me looking like he’d lost the will to live), I have got to show you some of the other bits and bobs Homesense have in store, as to be quite honest, as per usual, I could have cleared their shelves!


(I tell you what, if I win the lottery, I’m going full Supermarket Sweep in here!)




If you can’t go glitzy with your glassware at Christmas, when can you? I have a real thing for glasses but have had to put a ban on buying any more as we already have too many at home and not enough room to store them. However, a couple of these gold accented babies caught my eye. The gold cocktail shaker kept calling my name too, but unfortunately it’s not quite the right shade for what I want as I’m looking for a more copper or brass colour.




It’s all about lights at this time of year and a lantern with a candle in it is the perfect way to add some cosiness to your space. These would look absolutely stunning hanging from a ceiling space or even sat in the centre of a table as a focal point. I’m a big fan of a lantern, but we already have two in our living room and as it’s pretty teeny, that’s definitely enough.




If you want to light some candles but lanterns aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of different style candle-holders in store. I was particularly taken with these three – I personally think the reindeer could be passed off as stags to allow them to stay on display all year round!




Something for the furry friend in your life? It would take Poppy and the cats approximately 0.7 seconds to bring this down to the floor if we had it in our house, but I thought it was a cute way to display all the different pet toys they have available in store. I read an article the other day that said Brits are expected to spend over £750million on their pets this Christmas which sounds a huge amount of money, but doesn’t really surprise me!






In need of stocking fillers? These little bits are so festive, won’t break the bank, and definitely look more expensive than they are.





Wrapping presents is one of the most boring parts of Christmas for me, so I tend to do it with a good playlist going and a glass of wine in hand. I’m not very good when it comes to crafts or making things look pretty, so additional help like this little lot is always welcome. I’m a big fan of the little gingerbread man bag too – so cute!




For the longest time, artificial flowers have been on my To Buy list but I always have something more important to spend my money on or I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. These little vases are great quality though and I’ll definitely be back to pick one up for our bathroom once I’ve finished redecorating it!


Now I’ve shown you some of the other (hundreds of) items I found myself wanting in store, here’s what I finally settled on to bring home and perfect my Christmas celebrations…




Hot Chocolate for our Adult Christmas Eve Boxes
Christmas Crackers – these ones have pretty decent items inside too!
Gravy Boat – a welcome replacement for the usual plastic jug I use!
Two ceramic bowls  which I’ll be filling with bread sauce and cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner
Cake Slice for the chocolate and salted caramel cheesecake we have for dessert on Christmas Day (and I can’t stop thinking about…)




As well as the bits for the Christmas table we also brought home this beautiful wooden LED light-up house. It’s so well made and really puts me in mind of Christmases as a child and the decorations that would be brought down from the loft each year and feel like old friends. I definitely think this is going to be something that holds a special place in my heart for years to come, a tradition all of our own.


I am such a big fan of Homesense – that’s no secret – and they never let me down. Whatever the occasion I always find the perfect something in there and, being individual and unique pieces, it’s like a treasure trove, paying off for those extra few minutes spent looking around the shelves.


I’m am SO excited for Christmas this year; making memories, sharing laughter and eating good food. Plus, using my very own gravy boat like the fully functioning adult that I am. AINT NO PLASTIC JUGS ROUND MY GAFF NO MORE.


Thanks Homesense for, once again, sorting me out perfectly for a special occasion. I bloody love you.



Penny xx


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