You’re Never Too Old! Making An Adult Christmas Eve Box

When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was the most magical night of the year. We chose our best plate, popped on mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, then poured a glass of whisky for the big man in red to keep his bones warm on his journey around the world. (Is it illegal to be full of booze when in charge of a sleigh?)


Soon after, I’d race up the stairs and jump into bed, screwing my eyes shut and willing sleep to come – everyone knows if you’re awake Father Christmas can’t deliver your presents. I always fell asleep though and he never once woke me up as he left a stocking full of gifts at the end of my bed.


These memories are something I always look back on with a little fuzzy ball of warmth in my chest and now I’m officially a grown-up and settled down (I’m finally accepting I’m an adult now I’m in my 30s) I’ve decided it’s high time that we started creating some traditions of our own.


Our first annual tradition is the decorating of the tree. A Christmas film on the TV (or music blasting out for us to have a dance to), a glass of wine in hand, and a Christmas hat on our heads, this marks the first official day of Christmas in our house.


This year will be our first having Christmas dinner together at home so we don’t have any traditions there yet, but I’m thinking preempting cinnamon rolls for breakfast then a kitchen disco while we prepare our turkey and vegetable feast for later in the day.


But, aside from this, there’s another tradition that has caught my eye and I think I’m going to implement going forward – the Christmas Eve box.


For the most part, when I’ve looked online this seems to be a child-focussed thing but as a household without children I don’t see why we should miss out on all the fun, so from this year onwards, we will both be having our very own Adult Christmas Eve Box! The premise will be much the same as the kids version, but obviously with a few extra bits thrown in for that grown-up edge.


Brand New PJ’s

Untitled design (2)


Is there anything more satisfying than putting on a new, fresh pair of PJ’s and snuggling down? These are the first thing to be popped into the box – ultimate comfort for one of the best nights of year! I like these two – the women’s pair is from Asda (£10.00) and the men’s pair is Marks and Spencer (£25.00).


Cosy Socks

Untitled design (3)


I’m bloomin’ love a fluffy sock, I do, and having cold feet is a big no-no when it comes to comfort. Pop a pair of brand new ones in your Xmas Eve Box and slip them on for maximum cosiness. Both the women’s and the men’s pairs here are from Matalan, priced at £4.50 and £3.00 respectively – not bad considering there are two pairs in each pack!


Christmas Film

It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve if you didn’t prepare for the festivities ahead by watching a Christmas film! My favourite ones to watch are Elf (for the lols) and Miracle On 34th Street (for the feels). I literally cannot wait to watch both of these this year, they’re such a highlight for me!


Baking Kit



Picture the scene, you’re all snug and warm in your new PJs, your feet are toasty inside your fancy new socks and the house smells of freshly baked cookies. Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it? This personalised reindeer cookie kit from Not On The High Street comes with everything you need to bake up a storm in the kitchen and is only £9.99!


Bath Bomb/Shower Gel


No real explanation needed for these, but if you’re going to be having a bath or shower anyway, you might as well make it festive! There are some great options out there so shop around – Etsy has some great small businesses selling them, or you could try and make your own!



Untitled design (5)


What better to find in an adult Christmas Eve Box than a tasty tipple? 31Dover do a great range of miniature bottles on their website, ideal for popping into your box as an extra little treat. I think I’d opt for the Moet & Chandon rose champagne (£13.45) and, for Ben, get him a little bottle of Monkey Shoulder whisky (£4.95).


Sweet Treats

It goes without saying that when treating yourself, something sweet would be the perfect addition. I’m a big fan of anything mint flavoured, so I think a box of Matchmakers would be put into my box while for Ben it would have to be a packet of Percy Pigs, he loves them (doesn’t everyone?!)


Hot Chocolate

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Last, but certainly not least, hot chocolate. New PJs, fluffy socks, the smell of baked cookies lingering in the air… the perfect accompaniment has to be a warming cup of hot chocolate (pop the whisky in to jazz it up a bit!) For a special occasion like this, rather than using the usual powder we have in the cupboard, a little treat is in order, in the shape of these Hot Chocolate Choc Spoons with Marshmallows from Whittard – they look so decadent and they’re only £3.00 each! Pushing the boat out and getting these beautiful glass mugs would be the metaphorical icing on the cake too – there’s just something about drinking out of a glass mug that makes the contents taste so much better, isn’t there? (Or is that just me?)


As we get older it can be so easy to let go of little aspects of life that were so exciting and magical to us as children, but there’s really no need to. Life is so serious so much of the time, we have to take our fun where we can get it!


Would you make an adult Christmas Eve box or do you think it’s just for children?



Penny xx


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