Winter Wanderlust

Winter Wanderlust


Within the past year or so I’ve found myself developing a hankering to see the world. I’m not the most travelled person, only having been abroad since I hit adulthood, but with each passing day it feels like I want to explore more and more of the world.


Being active on social media and regularly reading blogs definitely adds to this, and I now find myself with a long list of places I want to visit, although none of the budget to allow me to do this.


For the most part, when thinking of travelling abroad, my mind will always lean towards warmer climes, seeking sunshine and Vitamin D to perk my mood and increase my health, but around this time of year, with festive scenes everywhere I turn, I do find myself imagining evenings spent bundled up and cosy in slightly chilly locations. So, when Julian Charles emailed me asking where I would choose to #EscapeForWinter to, it took me all of approximately 0.0001 seconds to reel off half a dozen destinations!


Iceland, Switzerland, Bruges, New York, Paris and, maybe bizarrely, the New Forest; all places I want to see from inside a big snug jacket, zipped up to my nose to keep out the cold. However, top of my list, above all of these places, has to be Lapland.


I know a few people that have taken short winter breaks in Lapland and it looks incredible – snowmobile rides, dog-sledding, the Northern Lights, and more snow than I’ve ever seen with my own eyes!


In terms of accommodation, there’s lots of hotels out there with roaring fires and comfy rooms, but I think I would have to make it truly special and hire a glass igloo – they look incredible and the ones I’ve got my eyes on at Snowman World Glass Resort have a glass ceiling in the bedroom so you can cosy up in bed under big fluffy bedding and fall asleep whilst looking at the night sky; plus each igloo has its own private sauna which just adds to the feeling of luxury!


They also have an amazing Ice Hotel and Restaurant where the rooms are actually built out of ice and snow! I don’t think I’d want to spend the night sleeping in there, but a quick bevvie in the bar would definitely be on my To Do list. What an experience it would be!


Add a visit to Santa, his elves and reindeers (you’re never too old!) and it would be the most perfect winter holiday. GET ME THERE, STAT!


What destinations do you have on your Winter Wanderlust list?



Penny xx


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