Bourgee London Southend Airport {AD-REVIEW}

We were invited to try the Bourgee Southend Airport menu in exchange for a review. 


Way back in 2014, Bourgee opened the doors to its very first restaurant, situated on Southend seafront, and I went along to see what they had to offer.


At the time I was majorly impressed, with the service being faultless, the décor being beautiful and the food being oh-so-good. Since then they’ve opened another branch in Chelmsford and there was talks of them opening one in Billericay, but this never came to fruition. However, little did I know until I was visiting Amsterdam a few weeks ago, they have a little Bourgee in London Southend Airport!


With this in mind, on the day of our trip, Haydy and I hopped on an earlier train than necessary and prepared ourselves for a food-fest.


For anyone that hasn’t been to London Southend Airport before let me just say this – I BLOODY LOVE THAT AIRPORT. It’s teeny tiny which means the whole process of getting airside is so ridiculously quick.


Once you’ve done the necessaries and got through security, you really see how small the airport is and in terms of entertainment, you’re limited to a couple of food places and a duty free shop, so it’s not really somewhere you can wander about in forever like you would at Gatwick of Stanstead for example. But, it has everything you need and it’s honestly my favourite airport to fly from.




Bourgee London Southend Airport is a small, classy looking place, with lots of glass and dark colours in its furnishings. Haydy and I arrived, grabbed ourselves a comfy booth to sit in (with power sockets, bonus!) and settled down to look through the menu.


As always, the first thing to be ordered is the drinks, and both being a fan of a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, we opted to go for Bourgee’s very own version. I think it’s fair to say there was a little trepidation for us both on this count as we were unsure what it was going to be like (some ‘house wines’ can be awful) but we were very pleasantly surprised! The wine was an easy drinker and perfectly balanced. We may have had more than one glass of this due to our flight being delayed…


Bourgee is a steak and lobster specialist at heart, but their airport menu offers smaller dishes in the form of their tapas style Easy Eats. Both of us were ravenous as we hadn’t eaten yet that day so we threw caution to the wind and ordered ourselves a nice big selection.



Truffle popcorn
Smoked chicken bang bang
Prosciutto, salami, coppa, chipolini onions
Sauteed cocktail sausages, chipotle chilli jam
Smoked chicken and bacon Caesar
Baked chorizo in red wine
Dublin Bay prawn mini roll, Fannies pink mayo


We might have over-ordered.


I’m finding it hard to put into words just how good this little selection was. Everything was cooked to perfection and the sauce that the chorizo dish came in was unreal. But, the stand-out dish for both of us was the cocktail sausages with chipotle chilli jam – in fact, we have talked about it several times since our visit and I am desperate to have them again.


As well as being SO FLIPPIN’ TASTY, the dishes were all an ideal size, meaning we were happily full by the time we finished them but not over-stuffed to the point of regret.


I say “happily full” but we did order dessert – there’s always room for dessert, plus the staff told us their lemon drizzle cake was amazing and we had to try it, so we couldn’t say no, could we?


Untitled design (1)


First of all, let’s take a moment of silence here in memory of Haydy’s lemon drizzle cake as whilst trying to take an Insta-worthy photo, she dropped it on the table. (She scraped it up and still ate it though, thaddagirl!)


This cake was SO GOOD. I mean, really good. The sponge was light and fluffy, the cream wasn’t too sickly, and the lemon was balanced perfectly meaning it gave you that kick of citrus without turning your face inside out. I could quite happily have had another 5 slices of this. A moment on the hips, a lifetime on the hips and it’d be worth every single second of it!


The only downside to Bourgee London Southend Airport is that it’s airside so I’ll only be able to visit it again when I’m next jetting off somewhere, however, you can get some of their Easy Eat dishes at their main restaurants as well as brunch, afternoon tea and their incredible a la carte and set menus.


Thanks for kicking off our weekend away in such a brilliant way, Bourgee, and next time I’m flying, I will definitely be back!



Penny xx


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