Amazing Flavour In A Beautiful Bottle – Bathtub Gin {AD-GIFTED}

We were gifted with a bottle of Bathtub Gin by 31Dover. All opinions remain 100% honest and my own31.


It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve discovered a taste for gin, having been educated in its merits by my two good friends, Sian and Dan, who are big fans of the stuff and the proud owners of a Gin Shelf in their house that rivals some of the best bars I’ve been to!


Previous to this alcohol awakening of mine, a G&T would never have passed my lips. On nights out, if a friend ordered one I would take a tentative sip in the hope that it would be the turning point for my taste buds, but it just never happened.


However, having learnt a bit more about the spirit, I’ve dabbled a little in trying some of the various different blends you can get (and boy are there a lot of them!) and I’ve now got to a point where I can definitely say I am a lover of some gins, but not quite all.


One of my most recent discoveries is Bathtub Gin, the flavours of which I will talk about in a minute, but first of all can we please take a moment to appreciate the styling of it!




I am a big fan of a bottle that looks good and I love to reuse the particularly beautiful or quirky ones around the house as decor points or vases, and this one is no exception. The top of the bottle is a real wax seal which brought me immense pleasure to peel away, revealing the cork bottle stop. The brown paper, tied with string, is really good quality and brings visions of old, haunted mansions, or a ye olde style pirate indulging in a little tipple on the high seas. Think candlelit apothecaries of past times and you’ve got the aesthetic totally.


In terms of flavour, this is a gin that feels perfect for the colder months of the year with elements of cinnamon, clove and orange running through it, giving it a cosy warming feel.


Despite the warming, wintery-type flavours, this gin is very light and smooth. I took a sip of it without adding tonic and it wasn’t burn-your-throat strong and still tasted good, but mixing it with tonic (Fever Tree is my go-to) is the best way to drink it. I haven’t felt the need to add anything additional like a slice of lime or lemon, but that is, of course, personal taste. Perhaps some lightly burnt orange peel might be a nice addition, just to bring out the flavours already there? I’ll make a note to try that next time.


I’m a big fan of this gin and am loving having it as an addition to our booze cupboard at home; I’m all for quality when it comes to choosing alcohol and this one ticks all the boxes.


Does this sound like it might be your kind of thing? If so, you can pick up a bottle of Bathtub Gin from 31Dover for just £32.95 – I definitely recommend you do!



Penny xx


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