Dreaming Of… Building Our Own House {AD}

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Do you ever just sit there, lost in thought, imagining all the things you would do if you won the lottery? If you didn’t have to work and money wasn’t an object?


I have. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for years and, honestly, my dreams have remained the same for so long that I think they’re pretty much set in stone.


As well as my previously mentioned ‘make my family financially stable’ and ‘see the world’, one unshakeable dream I’ve had for the longest time is building our own house. To buy a house is all well and good, but to be able to build one that you have created in your mind and can make into a reality just seems so magical!




In terms of location, I don’t know where I would want to be. I know I want a home abroad (Crete) but I think I would want one here in the UK too as I don’t think I’m quite ready to be emigrating just yet. But, I don’t really feel a tie to any particular place here so choosing where to site my build would perhaps be one of the toughest decisions. Most of our friends and family are situated in Essex so it would make sense to be there, but realistically, I don’t know if that’s where I would choose to live if I could pick from anywhere in the country. I think perhaps I’d like to be somewhere where life is a little slower.


When it comes to the size of the house, I wouldn’t want it to be too big. With it being just Ben and I, to have a huge house would see us just rattling around it… although I suppose I could fill it with lots of dogs… Realistically, I think I would opt for a 4 bedroom house, with en-suite and dressing room, a room for when we have friends round (I think I’d even install a bar in there, a-la Del Boy off of Only Fools And Horses) and with a nice big kitchen boasting a high ceiling with skylights (I’ve even eyeballed a few suppliers, hey there Roof Windows!) to let either the sunlight stream in, or the night sky be marvelled at, beautiful fittings, an central island unit and a seating area so it could be the heart of the home where people gather while I prepare dinner.


In terms of technology, I’d want to invest in getting the whole house wired up with speakers throughout (so when I’m doing the housework and pottering around the music follows me from room to room) a nice big TV or perhaps even a cinema room with comfortable chairs and a beer fridge so we can watch all our favourite films in the ultimate comfort.


The main bathroom and en-suite would be minimalist to keep a clean look with beautiful fittings – a standalone bath would be an absolute must. I don’t have baths often, always opting for showers instead, but if I had a standalone bath I think I’d definitely spend more soap-sudded hours floating about while I listen to old-school 90s tunes.


Steve Brown Art McCoo


Décor-wise the house would be fairly neutral in tone, getting all his colour and personality of added accessories and artwork – I’ve got my eye on McCoo from Steven Brown Art having bought 2 of his paintings for friends of mine in the past year, both of which were brilliant quality. I’d opt for wooden flooring downstairs, with stone tiles and underfloor heating in the bathrooms, and a good quality, squishy, plush carpet in the bedrooms – there is just something about a deep-pile carpet that feels a little bit luxurious, isn’t there?


Outside I’d have a large garage for my collection of cars (definitely going to be spending a fair bit of money on sets of wheels!) and above the garage I’d have a first floor space in the shape of a self-contained flat, meaning if we have more people over than fit into the bedrooms in the house, we have an overflow area.




In terms of the garden, I’m not really sure what I’d want. As I can’t swim I wouldn’t be too fussed about having a swimming pool, and my lack of green fingers means I’m not too bothered about what sort of planting set-up we would have, but one thing I definitely, 100%, without-a-doubt have to have, is a hot tub. Whenever we go to stay at Bishops Castle Barn, it’s one of the highlights of my stay and I spend hours sitting there in the bubbles and slowing turning into a little wrinkly raisin of a person.


All of this is just pie-in-the-sky and no more than a dream, but with the Euromillions jackpot being £155,000,000 this Friday, a girl’s allowed to dream!


What would be your must-have in your dream house?



Penny xx


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  • Emma Hart says:

    Ooh it sounds like you have your dream home all planned out! I’d love to build my own home one day too, an idea that only gets fuelled further when I watch a show like Grand Designs. One day we’ll get there!

    Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

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