Cranes Cider – Does Low Calorie Mean Less Flavour?

Cranes Cider – Does Low Calorie Mean Less Flavour?


It’s Friday, the final day of the working week and there’s just a few hours until I can leap up from my desk and run screaming into the street thankful for another 2 days of freedom from the daily grind.


This weekend Ben and I are off for a day of adventures ticking off some of my 33 Before 33 list, but before that we have my favourite time of the week – Friday evening – and one of my guilty pleasures at the end of a long, hard 5 days in the office is a cheeky little tipple as I kick back and relax on the sofa.


My usual drink of choice is Sauvignon Blanc (or a glass of whisky if I’m feeling fancy) however, one thing I can’t stand – and never have been able to – is cider. People always look at me like I’ve wandered into their house on Christmas Day and stamped on their presents when they find that out but it’s true, I cannot stand the stuff.




Those of you who read blogs on the regular might have seen some posts in the past few weeks about a new brand on the market – Cranes Cider. I’d seen these doing the rounds and read all the rave reviews agreeing with the brands claims that they’re not like other ciders, and I was intrigued, so when they offered to send me some bottles in the post I gladly agreed and told Ben he needed to do some testing as I fully expected not to like them.


More. Fool. Me.


Created by twin brothers Daniel and Ben, this cider brews cranberries along with the usual apples to create a light, easy-drinker with 30% fewer calories than the other leading cider brands on the market. With the idea forming after the right-of-passage boozy Uni life, the boys wanted to bring something new to the market and deliver a healthier drink, packed with goodness and flavour, and they have nailed it!




Within our little boozy bundle we received all three flavours available – cranberry and lime, blueberry and apple, and raspberry and pomegranate. As I said, I fully expected not to like them so handed the official tasting process over to Ben and settled down with a cold glass of wine safe in the knowledge that I was going to enjoy what I was drinking.


With a “You need to taste this!” from him I took a small sip and prepared for the usual horror on the tastebuds I usually get from cider, but it didn’t happen. The cranberry and lime flavour was delicious, sweet, bubbly and so light that I found myself taking a few more swigs when he wasn’t looking. The same process repeated for the other two flavours and I can honestly say that I have been completely won over and genuinely can’t pick a favourite. I’ll definitely be repurchasing these for a weekend away with my brother and his wife later in the year!


So that’s 30% less calories, 4% alcohol, 3 incredible flavours and you can buy a pack of 12 bottles for just £27.60 on their website, making them only £2.30 each!


You have got to try them out, you won’t be disappointed!



Penny xx


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  1. September 17, 2017 / 2:53 pm

    I wonder how many Slimming World Syns these are? I so miss cider!

    • Penny
      September 18, 2017 / 10:48 am

      That is a good question, I have no idea! Hopefully syn-free haha xx

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