Luxury Homewares & Decor With Rooi {AD-GIFTED}

Homewares lovers, prepare yourselves, I have got a brilliant new find to introduce you to!


A totally new discovery for me, is the perfect website for anyone that – like me – eats, sleeps and breathes anything for the home and garden.


The Rooi team very kindly sent me a few little goodies and they have made very welcome additions to  my humble abode. Here’s a little peek…


IMG_20170803_114701_432Silver & Gold Tealight Holder Mati by Nkuku
Large £6.95, Small £4.95


The first thing that struck me about these tealight holders is how much more beautiful they are in real life than they look in photographs! Gold on the inside and silver on the outside, the etched design means they’ll cast stunning, dancing patterns around the room as the candlelight flickers within them.


These are going to go in my bathroom (which we’re decorating grey and white). I think the smaller ones will go on the windowsill, but I’m actually going to use the large one as a rather fancy toothbrush holder!


Currently the back wall in our living room, above the sofa, is completely bare and my plan is to create a little gallery wall of various frames with photos of memories and special places in them. The colour scheme of the room is various shades of brown (it’s nicer than it sounds, honest) with accents of metals like bronze, tarnished gold and copper, so I’ve decided to continue the metallic theme onto the gallery wall and focus on finding frames that fit within that criteria, and there were a couple of beauties on the website that were absolutely perfect! I’ll upload another post about that soon, so you can see them in all their glory!


Copper is actually the main accent in our bedroom too, with the decor and furniture being a combination of browns and creams, and dark almost-black wood, so copper adds a nice balance to it and brings it all together. We already have an abundance of copper accessories in the room from storage baskets to trinket boxes, hooks to artwork, but we are seriously lacking in photographs – i.e. we have none – so I thought a photo frame to go on our ladder display shelving would be perfect. The frames I received were such brilliant quality and you can tell by how weighty it is that top notch materials have been made to use it. I couldn’t be happier with it and am trying to find the perfect photo to put it (one where I only have one chin).


At the moment, the spending on things for the house and garden is on hold as we need to do a bit more saving, but I’ve a few other bits from the Rooi website that are locked firmly in my sights and will be winging their way to me just as soon as I’ve managed to squirrel a little bit more money away to treat myself us.



I’m thinking the large silver pot would look brilliant in the bathroom, being similar in style to the candle holder I’m going to be using as a toothbrush holder – I think I’d use this for keeping my cotton wool pads in, which I use every night in my facial routine. The urban style candle, with it’s grey and white, would also look brilliant in there once it’s all decorated – I’m thinking of positioning it at the end of the bath, the ideal location for when I treat myself to a bath bomb and a bit of a soak in the tub! The gold detailed candle holder would look lovely in our bedroom windowsill, and the two mugs look like the ultimate shape for warming your hands on in the winter months – I see myself snuggled on the sofa, under a blanket, watching an old black and white film on the TV and drinking tea out of one of these; bliss!


I’m so chuffed to have been introduced to Rooi; I have my standard go-to websites I visit for a little browse on a regular basis and this is definitely going to be a new favourite!



Penny xx


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