Our Furball-Friendly Family BBQ With IAMS {AD-GIFTED}

Our Furball-Friendly Family BBQ With IAMS  <font size="3">{AD-GIFTED}</font>

I’m a summer baby through-and-through and literally spend the entirety of Autumn and Winter wishing the time away and looking forward to the return of long, bright days, sunshine and warmth. I almost feel like I physically, mentally and emotionally grind to a halt in the winter months and definitely think hibernation would work well for me, so towards the end of August I find myself clinging on to the summer days and warming haze with little grabby hands and an air of desperation.


The weekend just gone by was a Bank Holiday in the UK meaning we got our usual Saturday and Sunday plus a bonus Monday off of work and, realistically, being the last hint of summer for the year (unless we get that Indian Summer they always promise) it’s a weekend I always look forward to – three days of downtime and having fun!


For me, this Bank Holiday weekend was busy with me rushing around trying to fit in all the things I needed to do, but one thing on the agenda was a BBQ in the sunshine with Ben and the furballs. Well, I said ‘BBQ’ but we don’t actually own one, so it was more a case of cooking up a storm in the kitchen and pretending it had all be done over coals!




Just last week I received a little package of goodies from the people over at IAMS so that we could enjoy a family feast – meaty goodness from Marks and Spencer, a bottle of Pinot Grigio and some biscuits and treats for Poppy and the cats.




I have to say, I don’t usually think to go to Marks and Spencer as it has a bit of a reputation for being pricey but we managed to get all of the meat in the picture above for just £20! Not bad at all!


Personally, I’m not a big fan of giving the animals ‘human food’ so they joined our BBQ fun with their IAMS goodies, but it didn’t stop Poppy trying her luck and turning on her puppy dog eyes in the hope of being handed a bit of burger – she’s ever hopeful! That said, she’s not alone, as in a survey of 2000 pet owners by IAMS, 50% said that the smell of meat cooking on the barbie will have their pets asking for a taste – I don’t know about you but 50% sounds a bit low to me!


The survey also said that one in five British BBQ’s are expected to have pets as guests – one in five? That’s way too low – any and every party can be improved by having an animal pottering about!


As well as eating ourselves into a food-coma, sitting in the blazing sunshine seemed like the perfect time to open the Pococello Limoncello from 31Dover and it was absolutely beautiful – the only way to drink this liquer is fresh from the freezer and the taste takes me instantly back to our adventures in Lake Garda earlier this year.


As well as the BBQ I also spent a happy afternoon and evening with friends, saw family, sneaked in an afternoon nap and ticked the first item off of my 33 Before 33 list, so it was a great weekend all round! I’ll tell you more about my adventures in a post some time later this week I think…



Penny xx


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