Dear Rocco…


Hey little fella,


At 2.43am yesterday, Tuesday 1st August 2017, you made your entrance into the world. You did it on your own terms, ignoring the medical induction that took place the day before, instead choosing to make your arrival after the doctors had given up for the day and your mum was trying to get some sleep. (I have a sneaky feeling this might be a sign of things to come and you might end up being a cheeky little thing keeping everyone on their toes!)


The world you’ve been born in to is a strange one. The current Leader of the Free World is a man that everybody thought was running for President as a joke; people are famous for absolutely no reason and with no talent; terrorism, war and famine are rife; and the internet is spawning both new stars and nasty trolls.


But YOUR world, Rocco, your world is something entirely different.


You have been born into a world that waited with baited breath for 9 long months to meet you. It is full of kindness and love, laughter and togetherness. You have two parents who adore you and an older brother and sister who were so excited to meet you and cried with sheer joy the first time they laid eyes on you. You have extended family and a huge amount of friends you don’t even know yet but who all know you.




You’re lucky to have one of the best women on this planet as your mum and I am lucky enough to be able to say she is one of my best friends in the world. We met purely through chance and from that instant connection she has gone on to be someone incredibly important to me. Fun times and adventures, low times and life changes, we have been together through all of it and she knows me better than I know myself.


When your mum told me that she wanted to have another baby I was excited – I’ve never been close to anyone through a pregnancy before so it was a whole new experience for me, and I knew that another baby would be a great addition to an already happy family. Little did I know that the next 9 months would see a change in me too; little did I know the impact you would have on me before you even took your first breath.


The first time you seemed real to me was when, at around 2.5 months pregnant, I saw the ripple of you move across your mum’s stomach. We both just stood there, open-mouthed and teary-eyed, staring at each other. From there, as time moved on, I saw your hiccups, I saw your stretches and I felt the kicks against my hand when I annoyed you by tapping you too much. But now you’re here and you ARE real. You have a tiny little nose, a perfect little cupids bow on your top lip, and your arms are the perfect level of chunky.


After all this time waiting for you, you’re here, you’re an actual little person and in the coming weeks, months and years you’re going to develop a personality, thoughts, opinions, quirks, habits, fears and talents, and I am so excited to get to know you.


I’ve never believed in love at first sight Rocco, but I loved you before I ever laid eyes on you.


Welcome to the world little fella, it’s going to be one hell of a ride and I’m going to be with you every step of the way.



(Your Fake Auntie) Penny xx


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