My Dream Oak Dining Room {AD-SPONSORED}

Do you ever get an idea in your head and no matter what you do your brain keeps on returning to it? That is me right now with thinking about my dining table. In fact, if Ben got £1.00 for every time I said “dining table” to him in the last few weeks, he’d probably have enough money to emigrate and get away from me incessantly banging on about it.


Never mind the fact our bedroom still needs the final few details put in place, or that we’re in the middle of a major overhaul of the back garden. Never mind that the stairs and landing need re-plastering and painting, no, my brain is already thinking about the next few jobs to add to the list, namely decorating the spare room and sorting out the dining area.


There is literally never a quiet moment in my head; there’s always a dozen ideas bouncing around and my To Do list grows on an almost daily basis.


Currently, our dining room is an area that irritates me. The downstairs of our house is open place and sort of in a horseshoe shape, with the dining area being the point of crossing between the living room and kitchen, so it’s always in use and always in view meaning I can never escape looking at it and I’ve come to decide – much to Ben’s frustration – that our dining table doesn’t fit with the look I want to achieve.


Now, if you asked me what ‘look’ I’m aiming for I’d struggle to pin it down, but wood is a prominent feature and our sofas are big and squishy cottage-type affairs, so having a glass and chrome table as we currently do doesn’t really fit in – it’s a bit too modern – and the interiors lover in me is screaming out to get rid of this cuckoo in the nest and replace it with something more suited to the rest of the space and I’ve been doing some research to work out what I want and this beaut from Lifestyle Furniture is perfect!




Our existing chairs are identical to the ones in this photo, albeit with different colours legs, so all I’d need to do is give them a lick of paint (Rustoleum if anyone’s looking for recommendations) and they’d be perfect! And with the money saved by not buying chairs, I reckon this booze unit would look pretty good nestled in the corner of the room too!




You know you’ve reached peak adulthood when you have your alcohol displayed nicely!


Definitely adding these two items to my Wanted List – a little bit of saving up and I reckon we could treat next year.


I enjoy nothing better than planning how to make our home perfect, anyone else absolutely obsessed with homewares?



Penny xx


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