Homesense English Garden Essentials

Homesense English Garden Essentials

Homewares. Oh, Homewares, how I love you.


Whether it’s looking for accessories to add character to a room, bedding to make our little sleep nest more cosy, or glassware and crockery to make dining a little bit more special, I am ALL OVER IT.


However, having lived in flats for the majority of my time since moving out of my parents’, I’ve never paid much attention to bits and pieces for the garden as they were something I had no need for. But all that has changed and now and, as I undertake a complete garden makeover, my mind is well and truly focussed on the outdoors.


Being in rented accommodation, as I’ve said before, we don’t want to spend too much money on anything that will be left behind, but we plan to be in our house for a good few years to come (all being well) and so I think a little bit of expenditure is a good investment.


Changing the shape of flowerbeds, moving the shed, painting the fences, re-laying the membrane and replacing shingle with slate… it’s a big old job I’ve set myself, but I’ve lots of drawings and plans, and I’ve got a picture of what it’s going to look like in my head. It’s just a case of finding the time to do it all!


20170414_104846I mean, look at it, it’s not exactly inspiring at the moment… it needs some life added to it!


My absolute favourite shop for homewares is Homesense and I’ve raved about my love for them before (see here, here and here) so when they invited me down to the showcase of their new garden range, I was beside myself with excitement. I don’t go to many blog events these days, but this was one I couldn’t miss out on!


Prior to the event I met up for a drink and a quick chinwag with Haydy, then we wandered underground to the vaults the event was being held in. There’s just something so magical about being underground in London, especially when it’s as stunning as this!




Aside from the incredible Lychee Martini’s and Prosecco they plied us with on the evening in question, the thing I love most about Homesense is how quirky and unique their products are. If you walk into their store, you don’t see shelves stacked full of the same things, multiple copies of exactly the same product over and over; there seems to be one of everything so you really feel like you’re getting something special, and something you’re unlikely to spot when you walk into another person’s house. It’s also not too hard on the bank balance, which is a definite plus for me!


BeFunky Collage


The feeling I got from the new range was very ‘inner city bohemian’ – it instantly brought images into my mind of little courtyard gardens, brick walls with wisteria, or little balcony spaces. A peaceful haven in the middle of a chaotic world.




Outside lighting is a big thing in creating a beautiful outdoor space and, for me, there’s something so nice about sitting outside when the night has started to draw in, with a cosy blanket wrapped around you and a few small lights dotted about.




If picnics are more your thing, or you’re a host/hostess with the most/mostess then you definitely need to check out their outside dining range. I am forever saying I want to get a set of cute outdoor glasses for when we have friends round, and that drinks dispenser in the background was calling out to me – I can definitely see myself mixing up a mega batch of cocktails in that for everyone to help themselves to!




As well as the outdoor pieces, there was a little section at the event showing off some of their interiors pieces and, if I was lucky enough to have a conservatory, I would definitely be recreating this little set-up in there; tying the outside and inside space together. This is very much ‘home goals’ for me and the chaise longue would be the perfect place for a summertime nap as the breeze drifts in. What. A. Dream.


All in all, as per usual, I loved pretty much every item I saw, oohing and ahhing endlessly and pointing at more or less every single product in there and saying “I want that!”


Although Homesense doesn’t have an online shop (thank goodness or I’d be bankrupt) you can check on their website to see where your nearest store is, and I recommend you do because – honestly – I can’t recommend them enough. Good quality, great styling, and really reasonable prices.


I did actually treat Ben and I to something in their store a few weekends ago, but I’m going to keep that one for another post – perhaps when the garden is a little more finished and the background of the photo isn’t full of weeds…


Are you a green fingered lover of the outdoors, or are you all about feathering your nest inside?



Penny xx


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