When’s It My Turn To Win The Lottery? {AD-SPONSORED}

When’s It My Turn To Win The Lottery?  <font size="3">{AD-SPONSORED}</font>

“I need to win the lottery…”


If I had a pound for every time I’d said that, I wouldn’t need to win it…


To be fair, I think it’s something we have all said at some point. When we’re in need of a holiday, hating our job, wishing we had a better house, or trying to pay debts off, there’s no denying that a little windfall and a cash injection would change life for the majority of us.


I actually remember when the lottery first started, all the back way in 1994. There was a pretty big build-up to it in the weeks preceding and my sister, brother and I all sat round discussing what we would buy if we won. Being 9-years old at the time I had no real concept of money but for some reason decided that I wanted to win £17,000,000 – don’t ask me why, but that’s the number I settled on!


These days, I’d honestly be happy to win even £20,000. A small amount of money in the grand scheme of the lottery itself, but a game-changer for me.


However, I’m nothing if not a dreamer and I already know what I’d do if all my numbers came in…


Secret Squirrel
First off, and I’ve thought long and hard about this, I wouldn’t make it common knowledge that I’d won. For me, friendship and love is such an important thing and I would want to continue knowing that the people around me are there because they want to be and not because I’ve got a few bob in my pocket. Money talks in this day and age and I wouldn’t want to find myself with fake friends and hangers-on.


Help Family & Friends
I’d buy a house for both my parents, and I’d pay off my brother and sister’s mortgages. I’d also give them a few grand for them to do whatever they wanted with, whether that would be buying a new car or going on a fancy holiday. For my closest friends, I’d transfer a lump sum into their bank accounts for them to spend however they like (with the condition they didn’t fritter it away on rubbish, I’d want them to make good use of it!)


Build A House
I have no real ties to any particular town, village or City, so deciding where to build a forever home would be a really complicated decision for me, however, once I’d picked a spot to settle in, I’d build the house of my dreams. A kitchen with an island unit, a high ceiling and VELUX windows, and huge bi-fold glass doors opening onto the back garden. A cinema room with the comfiest seats. An office, utility room and a separate dining room with a fancy bar in the corner and a juke box (I don’t care if it’s kitsch!) A beautiful hallway with a set of stairs in the middle that split left and right as they reach the first floor, oak flooring and doors, lots of windows, underfloor heating, and a hot tub in the garden, because the one at Bishop’s Castle Barn is one of my favourite places to be! Building a home for us would definitely be where the bulk of the money and time would be spent; turning a dream into reality.


18268464_1290164451069423_4303472986549527103_nBishops Castle Barn – a little bit of heaven on earth!


A House Abroad
Yes, another property, but houses are kind of my thing, I love them! It’ll be no surprise to anyone that knows me that my chosen location would be Elounda in Crete as that’s where I feel most at home in the world. In fact, I’m signed up for Rightmove alerts so I get an email whenever a house goes on the market there! My dream home abroad would be spacious, light and airy with a big outside space, swimming pool (and hot tub, obviously) and a view of the bay. Currently, this is only a pipedream, but with a lottery win under my belt, wild horses wouldn’t be able to keep me away!



Write Full Time
This would be the absolute dream for me; to be able to give up my day job and write full time. All my life I’ve wanted to write, even as a little girl, but realistically, I know it’s never going to happen. However, if I had mega bucks and maintaining an income wasn’t an issue, I’d definitely spend my days lost in a world of words.


Volunteer Work
Despite that fact that with millions in my bank account I wouldn’t need to hold down a day job, I think I’d still want some structure in my life, so I’d get a job volunteering somewhere, and that somewhere would definitely be animal-focussed. I’ve spent some time at the Dogs Trust centre in Essex and the work they do is really excellent, so this would be ideal for me. Spending my time caring for dogs who haven’t been too lucky in their lives and are looking for their forever family would be so rewarding. I would definitely end up bringing lots of them home with me though… perhaps I need to add a couple of acres of land to that dream house…


I don’t buy tickets for the lottery every week, but nonetheless, whenever I do I always cross my fingers and send a little wish up into the skies for my luck to be in. Sure, it’s not happened yet, but it’s got to be my turn soon, right?


How would you spend your millions if you won?



Penny xx


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  1. May 22, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    This is a lovely post! Your so right everyone’s says if I’d win the lottery… blah blah! But yeah I’d be the same as you really give money to friends family, house abroad. I’d also give loads to charity, my dream would be to build and open a sanctuary for animals! xx

  2. Laura grant
    May 23, 2017 / 9:11 am

    No lie I would basically do the exact same thing! Even your house sounds like what I want hahaha but I would also add a shit tonne of travel in there (probably while the house is being built lol) I’d take so many random classes and courses that interested me, go to all the concerts and shows…. man it would be a blast lol great post idea 🙂 x

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