5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week (Week 20, 2017)


I am in an absolutely sterling mood today. ABSOLUTELY STERLING. I had a broken sleep, have a busy day ahead in the office, and it’s teeming down with rain outside, but I’m feeling really very perky indeed.


I’m fairly certain the reason I’m so chipper is because I have so much going on in the coming weeks and so many plans that I can’t help but be really excited for! Three weddings, a trip somewhere sunny, Rachael’s baby on the way and her baby shower, more gardening, nights out with friends, blogging events, Ben’s birthday, my birthday and a couple of weeks off of work… it’s going to be an absolute blinder of a few months and I’m really looking forward to it!


However, let’s stop gazing in to the future for a short while and have a backward glance to the week just past and some of the things that have been making me smile.




I am an absolutely awful cook. Terrible. To the point that when I lived alone, sometimes I couldn’t even force myself to eat what I’d plated up and would go hungry instead. However, in the year or so, I’ve really started to try a bit harder and I’m now at a point where I can not only whip up something that’s actually edible, but sometimes it’s even pretty tasty too! Cooking always used to stress me out so much, but now I find myself quite enjoying spending time in the kitchen. I’m never going to be the next Delia, but the chances of food poisoning are definitely lessening and for me, I’m taking that as a win!




West Ham
It was our final home game of the 2016/17 season on Saturday against Liverpool. They absolutely thrashed us 4-0 but despite the heartache at yet another loss, match days are still one of my favourite things to do and there’s going to be a bit of a hole in my world until the new season starts in a few months!


Homewares Shopping
As it’s pretty much my favourite shop in the world, we popped into Homesense on Saturday to have a look around. They’d very kindly sent me a voucher to treat myself to something from their new outdoors range, and I spent a good half an hour walking round and round the shop trying to decide what to get. In the end we opted for a chimnea (post to come soon!) but this little birdhouse caught my eye and I keep thinking about it. I might have to pop back and get it after payday!




Sunny Days
Despite the fact it’s raining at the moment and rained solidly all day yesterday, we had a couple of nice sunny days this week, and one in particular that was a scorcher! (I very cleverly wore a jumper to work that day…) I am very much a sunshine lover and spend the whole of autumn and winter more or less hibernating while I wait for the warmer months to roll around, so when I see blossom on the trees and feel a warmth creeping into the air again, it makes me so happy.


IMG-20170514-WA0017 (1)


Baby Scans
This week Rachael went for her 4DHD baby scan and the images were absolutely incredible. To be able to see his face, his little button nose, and his tiny mouth has just made it all seem so much more real – he’s gone from being just an image of a generic baby in my mind, to being a little person whose face I now know. Along with the photos, she also got a video which was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. 12-minutes of footage of him, of seeing his little feet kicking her, his face changing with expressions, his eyes opening and closing – it blew my mind! In 3-months time he’ll be with us and I cannot wait to meet him!


What’s made you happy this week?


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Penny xx


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  • Laura grant says:

    These are great and that food actually looks so nice!! I also got that homesense voucher but am waiting for a sunny day to host an outside brunch for my pals! Could be a while hahaha.
    Laura x

  • Suzy Marie says:

    So glad to have you joining in again, Penny! We sound like such similar people haha. I’m also absolutely dreadful at cooking! So maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and make a bit more effort. Is that homemade guac I spy there?! I’ve also really been enjoying the sun, it changes the way I feel about everything. I sometimes get nostalgic for summer before it has even begun; like I’m sad about losing it when it hasn’t even started yet haha. So exciting about the new baby! Those scans are incredible aren’t they?! Glad to hear you’re in such a wonderful mood! xx

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