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I spend around 5-hours a week on trains and, when I’m not having a nap or reading (true crime genre, always) I immerse myself in blogs and I thought with my own return to writing world, I thought I’d share some of the blogger love!


Personally, I tend to lean more towards lifestyle blogs but that’s not to say I don’t like beauty and fashion blogs, however lifestyle is always going to be the niche I lean towards because a) I’m nosey and like reading about other people’s lives, and b) I find lifestyle posts are complete food for my brain and really get it thinking, planning and pondering.


This list isn’t exhaustive and is by no means a complete guide to awesome lifestyle blogs out there, but it’s a roll call of the blogs I love and find myself going back to time and time again.


Header FINALDawn – The Thing About Chaos
There’s just something about Dawn’s writing I love; it’s almost therapeutic and when she talks about her innermost thoughts, tribulations and aspirations, I can feel every single one of her words. Every time I see she’s written something new, I’m straight online to have a peek – she’s a dreamer, like me, with a never-ending excitement about what the world has to offer. She’s also brutally honest about the imperfections of life, something I respect hugely.


the style guide blog headerSera – The Style Guide Blog
Another brutally honest blogger, Sera tackles subjects that others might back away from. Sharing her experiences of health issues, taking on important topics, and raising awareness along the way, she’s an absolute hero in my eyes for never failing to grab the baton and run with it. She’s also my go-to whenever I need beauty advice and she’s a total clothes-horse when it comes to fashion, looking absolutely killer in whatever she wears. A big-hearted, morally on point, wonder woman who I’m proud to call a friend.


vix-blog-headerVix – Vix Meldrew
A total blogging superstar, whenever I see Vix has uploaded a new post I bubble with excitement. Funny, sassy, honest – this girl has the blogging game NAILED and it brings me so much joy to see her starting to get the recognition she deserves with blogger award nominations (and wins!) and more and more people reading her work.


Squibb-ViciousHaydy – Squibb Vicious
I think Haydy was probably one of the first people I made friends with via blogging and I’ve watched her learn, strive, grow and achieve over those few years. She puts so much effort in to blogging regularly (she posts most days) and in learning new programmes and techniques to create beautifully edited videos for her YouTube channel. I’m genuinely so proud to see her get the opportunities she does and to see her blog growing.


betheveBeth – Beth Eve
Ok, Beth’s current blog has only been online a matter of weeks, but she’s already on this list because her previous blog was a firm favourite of mine and I’m so glad she’s back in the game! Whilst her old blog was fitted within the beauty niche, her new content promises to be more lifestyle, with a focus on positivity. Also, probably photos of her cat which is a winner in my eyes!


cropped-life-by-laura-13Laura – Life By Laura
Despite being a fellow Essex blogger, I only met Laura a few weeks ago when she came to the pub to meet me and a few other girls in London as the train line was closed and she couldn’t get home – and what an absolute star she is! Laura’s blog is lifestyle focussed, talking about everything from beauty, to diet, to her day-to-day life. Currently she’s sharing updates and progress on her battle with acne and I couldn’t be prouder; I know it’s a difficult subject for her but her being so open and discussing it online will definitely help others who are going through the same thing, and for that I think she’s amazing.


111Callie – From The Corners Of The Curve
This lady brings me joy, absolute joy, and to see her now being able to take her blog to the next level by becoming part-time freelance has made me so proud. Callie works tirelessly on her blog and social media, and has elevated her content to a point now that is pretty near perfection for me. She’s honest and open, unafraid to take on topics that might be a little sensitive, and her photography is – as the kidz say – ‘goals’. A total role model with a heart of gold, she deserves all the success in the world.


K-Banner-Chicago-leftKaren – Yankee Doodle Paddy
I’ve mentioned Karen in other round-up posts I’ve written in the past, but she’s featuring again because her blog is so deserving of a place on this list! Sharing the love, posting recipes, documenting her travels, and inspiring kindness, Karen’s blog is a one stop shop for all the good vibes you could possibly need! This lady’s cup is overflowing with positivity and that shines through in everything she writes; she’s one of life’s good ones and I love everything she does.


NrnoF1AWBee – Queen Beady
Another blog that almost reaches inside me and tugs on the strings of my heart when I read it, Bee writes about life in a way that is so emotive, never shrinking back from the opportunity to write about subjects that might not be the easiest to cover. Aside from the writing itself, her photography is absolutely stunning and in the past few months she’s discovered a style that is entirely her own and breathtaking to look at. The fact she’s a champion of other people at all times is just another thing to like about this girl; she’s forever shouting about others from the rooftops, directing the spotlight to shine on them and celebrate what they are. She’s a good egg.


ALEX-4Catherine – The Dainty Dress Diaries
Although a discovery on Snapchat, Catherine’s blog has become a firm favourite of mine. She’s so incredibly creative and talented, whether that’s stitching memory bears or pillows, or up-cycling items around her home, she sees the beauty in everything when others might see it as fit only for the rubbish tip. Having launched her YouTube channel and with her Instagram account being hugely popular, within the past year Catherine has started working on awesome collaborations and having incredible adventures – it makes me so proud to see all her hard work paying off!


iY2XzWxLKaty – Keeping A Breast With The Twins
This woman is an absolute superstar. Last year Katy gave birth to two beautiful twin girls and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with Cancer – an incredibly cruel blow at what should have been the most exciting time of her life. Shortly after this she sent me a direct message on Instagram saying she wanted to blog her journey and since that day, she hasn’t looked back. She’s dealt with the pressures of battling the horrible disease alongside her first year as a mother – and a mother of two – and she’s done so with such grace and good humour, I think she’s a complete hero. To be able to follow her journey through her words is such a privilege and I can’t wait to see what is to come for her and her family when this battle of hers becomes just a memory.


Every single one of these blogs, although sitting within the same sort of niche, is completely unique, influenced by their owners own life, thoughts and viewpoints, and that’s what I love so much about this little blogging world – although there’s thousands out there, every single one is as unique and special as the person who writes it.


I definitely recommend you check all of these out – you might find a new favourite to add to your list!



Penny xx


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