It’s My Brother’s Wedding Day!

It’s My Brother’s Wedding Day!


It’s here! Today’s the day! My baby brother is getting married!!!


It’s not very often I post something so emotional and heartfelt on here, but today I think I can make an exception…


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With three years between us, I don’t remember a time in my life that my brother wasn’t around. Every single memory I have of childhood has him standing by my side. Every scrape we got into, all the games we played, and yet I struggle to remember us arguing. I’m sure we did, as all children do, but memories of me and Leo are always happy, I can’t remember us ever falling out. (Cue Mum and Dad stepping in to regale stories of our fights, I’m sure!)


And here I am today – the day my brother marries the love of his life – overwhelmed with the happiness I feel for them.




There is not a single day pass by that I’m not absolutely brimming with pride to be Leo’s sister. He’s kind, he’s thoughtful, he’s morally on-point, and he’s the funniest person I know. He’s wise, he’s helpful, he’s hard working and to see his life coming together makes me happier than any words could ever begin to say.


In his time on this earth, he has overcome the obstacles that life has thrown in his way, and has done so with grace, dignity and an immovable smile on his face. He’s been my biggest cheerleader through my triumphs and he’s stood by me through my dark days, never faltering in his support and love despite my seemingly endless capability to make terrible decisions over the years.


From the little boy who loved dressing up in fancy dress, the little boy I’d spend hour upon hour creating toy-car traffic jams around the living room floor with, the little boy who would lay on the sofa with me as we watched back-to-back Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, the little boy who, when our parents thought we were going to sleep, would be gazing out the bedroom window at the stars with me. From that little boy he has become a man that I am so incredibly proud of and who I love so much.


My baby brother, my personal jester, my confidante, my lifelong best friend.


I couldn’t be happier – today I gain a sister (and she gains the unbelievable burden of having to put up with my brother for the rest of her life).


Leo and Dawn, I hope today is everything you wished for and more.




I can’t wait to have so many more adventures with you both in the future.


Happy Wedding Day



Penny xx


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