Trouva – My Top Picks Under £20 {AD-GIFTED}

Trouva – My Top Picks Under £20  <font size="3">{AD-GIFTED}</font>

It’s no secret that I have a big love for homes and interiors; I can spend hours lost watching property programmes and browsing Rightmove, and the best bit about winter for me is the fact that people switch their lights on before closing their curtains, so as I walk home from work I can have a nosey through their windows to see how they’ve decorated. (Pretty sure that’s not illegal… creepy, maybe, but not illegal…)


Another – less ‘Peeping Tom’ – way I like to indulge my interiors love is by endlessly browsing online stores to see what is coming in and going out of style, and getting ideas for the future house of my dreams. This year copper has been big news, which was particularly handy for me because it’s the accessory colour I wanted for our main bedroom.




I love natural materials for homewares – metals, wood, slate, stone etc – and I’ve spoken previously about how I’ve added copper accessories in our bedroom so I won’t bore you with it again right now. However, once the room is totally finished, I’ll do a fuller post on it. Today though, I want to introduce you to Trouva, who supplied us with this beautiful copper tealight holder.




Beautifully delicate with tiny laser cut circle details over the entirety of it’s surface, it’s the perfect addition to our ladder unit, and with a tealight inside, covers the walls in beautiful candlelit shimmering patterns.


I hadn’t heard of Trouva before they reached out to me, but I’ve visited their website so many times since then that I’m sure I must have memorised their entire product range!


What I particularly like about Trouva is how unique their pieces are and the feeling of originality and artistry that so many of their products have. It’s definitely a store that, if I won the lottery and was kitting out a property from scratch, I’d visit to fill my rooms with treasures.


I’ve gathered my top picks of their current range below for you, all of which come in at under £20!




Black stacking basket | Brass star shaped and holder | White tilted mini planter

Copper geometric candle holder | Black bamboo basket | Stone tealight holder

House candle holder | Felt storage tray | Seagreen tealight holder


As well as homewares, you can also find clothing, accessories and gifts on the Trouva website, so I definitely recommend you pop over there and take a lot at what they have to offer; with such a wide range of items and styles, there’s bound to be something for everyone!


I’ll definitely be treating myself to some more bits from Trouva in the future!



Penny xx


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