Blogtober #2: The Week That Was… Football, Burgers & Gripping TV

October! It’s October! How did this happen? We’re 9-months clear into the year, edging into the 10th and I’ve realised it’s high time I start planning for Christmas. My family set a budget per person to make sure nobody overspends and it works really well, but that does mean that more time and effort needs to be made to make sure you get a good few presents for your moolah.


As I type this now, I’m home alone as Ben’s been called into work for the day, so I’ve done some housework, got a few loads of washing done and now I’m sat with a cuppa and my laptop with grand plans for catching up on some blog posts I need to write. (I’ve also got a dog continually barking in my ear as next door are doing some noisy DIY and she’s not keen… considering buying her some ear defenders to be honest).


This week I’ve been watching…

Paul Finchley (Robbie Coltrane) and Marie (Julie Walters)
National Treasure. I’d seen a few people talking about this on Twitter, but it was only when it was featured on Gogglebox that we finally decided to download it and see what all the fuss was about. There’s only been 2 episodes on so far, but it’s totally gripping. Robbie Coltrane plays a comedian who is accused of historical rape by a number of women and it follows him and his loved ones as they go through the drama that comes with such claims. As a viewer we don’t know whether the accusations are true, but it’s very cleverly filmed with real comedians having cameos, which adds to the feel of realism. Clearly based on Operation Yewtree and the cases of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall, it makes reference to those cases regularly. A dark drama that has both of us completely hooked; we can’t wait for this week’s episode.

JonBenet: An American Murder. It’s no secret that I find anything true crime related fascinating, and this case has puzzled people for 20-years now. JonBenet’s parents woke up on Boxing Day morning to find a ransom note for their 6-year old daughter, asking for $118,000 to release her, but a few hours later the body of the little girl was found in their basement. A few suspects were interviewed by police but ruled out by DNA, and to this day, nobody has been found guilty of the crime. We were left with a feeling of such sadness at the end of the documentary; to think a little girl could lose her life and nobody be found responsible for two decades seems unthinkable.


This week I’ve visited…

short prom dressesAs Ben’s working today we’ve lost one day of our weekend, so any fun and frolics have been put on hold, but yesterday we did go to watch West Ham in our match against Middlesborough. The start to our season hasn’t been great so I was quite nervous going to the game – we needed a win to bolster the players’ spirits and give them back some fire in their belly – but it ended up being a 1-1 draw. Parts of the game were utterly frustrating, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t a loss so I’m happy enough with that.

Leaving the stadium was a bit of a nightmare – there were cancellations of trains and 50,000 fans trying to get home. Stratford station got very overcrowded and dangerous, meaning that an evacuation was held. No information was given, just a repeated automated announcement over the tannoy for everyone to evacuate the building. We were quite lucky in that our train was at the platform and ready to go, so we hopped on that and escaped the chaos within minutes.


This week I’ve been listening to…

Nothing – my Spotify has stopped working on my laptop which is a DISASTER. I need to make some changes to my laptop’s admin controls but I can’t remember my password… handy.


This week I’ve been eating and drinking…

moldivGBK. Due to a suicide on Monday evening, there were no trains running on my line home for a couple of hours, so we popped into Westfield Stratford to waste some time, buying Ben a new suit and going for dinner. We both ordered the new Vote Rump burger which was really nice, but within 20-minutes of me eating it I felt really unwell, and by the time I got home I was not in a good way. Definitely a minor case of food poisoning or something. That said, the honeycomb milkshake was delicious and I could definitely live off of those.


This week I’ve been reading…

24 Hours by Claire Seeber. I downloaded this after reading another of Claire’s books last week and really enjoying her writing. This story follows the main character in the 24-hours after a traumatic experience as she fights desperately to be reunited with her little girl as she fears somebody is out to get her. Each chapter jumps from past to present, but it’s so well written that it doesn’t feel disjointed. I really enjoyed it and blasted through it within a few days.


This week I’ve written…

img_20160930_120840I shared my review of the new HomeSense store in Chelmsford, giving you a little look around and showing you what goodies I brought home with me. I’m a big fan of HomeSense, it’s a total aladdin’s cave of joy for anyone that loves homewares as much as I do. I’m definitely planning another little jaunt round there in the near future.


Next week I’m looking forward to…

We’re going to a pub quiz night with Ben’s family one evening after work which I’m really looking forward to – I’m a big fan of a quiz, despite never knowing the answer to anything…

On Friday our friends are getting married which I’m very excited about. I’ve got myself a floral dress from Little Wings Factory (I seem to buy all my dresses from there!) and I can’t wait to get dolled up and spend the day with some of my favourite people as we celebrate the love and happiness of two of our little gang. I love a wedding, I do.

Saturday will no doubt be a day of recovery (I’m envisaging a lie-in and pottering around the house, perhaps putting the finishing touches to the main bedroom) and Sunday we’re thinking of going exploring somewhere we’ve never been before. I love visiting new places and looking around!


Have a good week everybody!


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Penny xx


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