While I’ve Been Gone…

While I’ve Been Gone…

Now I’m back after going AWOL and having some time away from blogging, I thought the most sensible thing  would be to recap what I’ve been up getting up to.


The time spent away was definitely good for the soul and I had a lot of fun just living life – not worrying about whether or not I was getting content online was an absolute dream! But, I missed A Penny For Them and despite a few wobbles where I thought I might vanish from this online world forever, I’m glad to be back.


Some of the things I’m sharing with you today will be written about in more detail in the coming weeks, so if anything catches your eye, make sure to stop by here again or keep an eye on my social channels, as the chances are I’ll be writing more about it soon!


16-02-08-21-22-02-704_decoWe went for a tour of West Ham’s stadium, The Boleyn Ground. As this has been their last season playing there, it was nice to see behind the scenes before it’s gone forever.


20160227_141618Ben’s sister had her hen weekend in Harrogate and it was lovely! It’s absolutely stunning there and we had a very happy few hours having afternoon tea at Betty’s Tea Room which was incredible – there was so much food!


20160401_193500It was 1-year since I got Poppy and her (guesstimated) birthday so we got her a special doggie cake from The Hungry Hounds Bakery to celebrate. I was really impressed with the service and their cakes are made with natural, healthy ingredients too so there’s no need to worry about any risks to your pooch-friend’s health.


20160429_153656Ben took me away for a surprise visit to Windsor. I’ve never been before but it’s always been on my To Do list so I was very chuffed. It’s absolutely stunningly beautiful there – I’ll share what we got up to with you soon, but I definitely recommend an overnight visit!


20160430_122837We’ve done a little more decorating to the house and we’re really pleased with it so far. We’ve started adding finishing touches to rooms and this little haul from Matalan has got our bathroom looking so much better than before!


IMG_20160217_140609My brother and his fiance adopted this beautiful retired greyhound. She was quite anxious at first…


IMG_20160221_131137… but she seems to be fairly relaxed now.


IMG_20160304_174754My quest to get a decent selfie with Poppy is still ongoing… she is so bored of me!


IMG_20160308_223912I inherited my Nan’s old watch. It’s only simple, not a fancy brand or very old, but it reminds me of her, and that makes it worth more than any sum of money to me.


IMG_20160320_101324There is a hotel in the West Ham stadium, so I treated Ben to a night there for our 1-year anniversary. Our room was right on the halfway line and standing there at midnight, looking down at the empty seats and turf-care was a very bizarre experience!


IMG-20160321-WA0012We had our anniversary dinner at Plateau in Canary Wharf as it’s the restaurant where we had our first dinner together. It was so good to go back; the food is incredible and the service is faultless. We think we might make it an annual anniversary pilgrimage for us!


IMG_20160408_075857I finally – FINALLY – found a pink lipstick that suits me! It’s a Rimmel Apocalips in shade ‘I’ll Call You’ – they retail at around £6.99 and you only need to put on one application a day. It easily lasts me 16-hours without any fading!


IMG_20160414_115117I was having a tough few weeks so Haydy surprised me with a delivery from Biscuiteers. It was so good!


IMG_20160425_220520I did a Faceswap with Ben and have made the decision that we probably shouldn’t ever have children!!


IMG_20160426_195737I love the canvas print that Haydy and her other half bought us for Christmas. I put it up in our newly decorated dining area and it’s amazing how much of a difference just hanging a single piece of artwork can make to a room!


IMG_20160501_170133We went along to the Maldon Mud Race. It’s the first time I’ve ever been so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was really good. I had thought perhaps I might do it next year, but having seen how hard it was I’ve had a change of heart!


IMG_20160501_211247We visited a micro pub in Upminster. I usually struggle to drink pints as I have a small stomach, but I drained this sweet-finish IPA with no trouble at all.


IMG_20160501_224500I’ve just bought Cards Against Humanity and am really looking forward to playing it with Sian and Dan when we go to visit them in a few weeks time, it’s such a funny game!


IMG_20160502_120019We received some Furminator goodies to use on the furballs. With three animals in the house there’s a never-ending battle with fur drifting about, so I was interested to see how much of a difference these would make. Review to follow!


I’ve quite a few bits and pieces to share with you in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming your way!



Penny xx


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  1. Georgia
    May 15, 2016 / 2:53 pm

    Glad you took some time to be you and enjoy life. Worrying about social media and blogs is tiring!! Loving the face swap me and G did one a few years back and it was terrifying, luckily Rose turned out alright looking!! can’t wait to read your furminator review, I can’t use them on Rosso because he’s got a double coat but loving reading how they make it easier for owners to groom their fur babies!! Glad your back Penny! Xx

    • Penny
      May 18, 2016 / 9:21 am

      Aww thank you Georgia! xx

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